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EarthWay 2750 Nylon Bag Spreader
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Pro Grade Broadcast Spreader
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A light-duty commercial spreader.
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A hand-held spreader that may be used for applying ice melt, fertilizer, fish food, pesticides, grass seed, or floor dry.
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A 50 lb. capacity push spreader with 2 position height adjustable handle and T-Speed lever.
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A practical hand spreader for even and smooth spreading of fertilizers, seeds, and other granular materials.
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An ergonomic high wheel cultivator perfect for a large number of garden jobs, from furrowing to light plowing and hilling, and cultivating.
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A large capacity broadcast spreader that is perfect for the average homeowner. Features 65-lb. hopper capacity.
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Pro Grade Tow Broadcast Spreader
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A professional garden seeder that comes with six precision seed plates and adjustable ground opener for more accurate seeding of crops.
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Handheld spreader ideal for ice melters, seed, fertilizer, and any granular material. Comes with 1.8 liter capacity.
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An innovative spreader suitable for all kinds of broadcast spreading jobs and different types of granular materials.
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Broadcast spreader with 80 lb capacity, perfect for medium to large sized lawns.
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A compact spreader excellent to use for residential or small business driveways.
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Replacement part for Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeders.
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Commercial spreader with heavy-duty epoxy powder coated diamond chassis and high-speed gearbox.
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Hand Crank spreader to spread granular material. Capacity of 40 lb.
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Broadcast spreader with 8-inch deep lug poly wheels that roll smoothly over uneven surfaces.
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A dual-purpose hand spreader that serves as a scooper and spreader and deals with ice melt and salt.
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Commercial spreader efficiently designed for heavy application rates and difficult-to-spread materials to create a smooth spread pattern.
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Dual-purpose scooper and spreader built with ergonomic armrest ideal to use in tight places and small lots.
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A specially-designed ATV mount spreader to provide uniform coverage of seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, and more.
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A 21-inch shovel ergonomically designed with a D-handle to suit large gloves.
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Side dress fertilizer attachment for the Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder.