Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader

Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader
Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader
Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader
Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader

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Product Overview

Earthway Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader is a chest mount broadcast spreader designed for application of granular formula in wet grounds, over uneven fields, or in areas wherein a push spreader could not go through. Featuring the EV-N-SPREAD PRO Dual Port Adjustable System, this heavy-duty hand crank spreader allows users to balance the spread pattern according to the size, weight and flight characteristics of the formula, plus the Super-duty high-speed gearbox with spread widths of 15 ft. evenly distribute materials on the desired area to ensure uniform application. It is constructed of rustproof poly with epoxy powder-coated tubular steel chassis with stand and a convenient carrying straps. Features 40 lb./18 kg. hopper capacity.

Features and Specs

For use in Wet areas, over uneven terrain, or in places a push spread could not go.
Dimensions 14.2 x 20 x 23 in.
Sprayer Type Broadcast sprayer.
Material / Construction Rustproof poly construction. Epoxy powder coated tubular steel chassis with integrated stand.
Special Features Features Super-duty high-speed gearbox.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer Earthway (Mfg. Number: 3100)



Before filling hopper, become familiar with the operation of this spreader.

  • Obtain proper setting for material to be used from the SETTING MATRIX included with this spreader.
  • Move stop bolt on rate gauge assembly to the proper setting.
  • While turning handle crank and walking forward, push control lever forward to the stop bolt. To stop, pull lever back to close flow holes while continuing to crank handle and walking forward.
  • When finished, empty any remaining material from hopper.
  • Thoroughly wash spreader and allow to dry before storing.
  • No oiling is necessary.

Hand Crank Spreader Rate Setting Instructions:

To Calculate RATE SETTINGS: (Use the chart on page 2 to fill in numbers)

  • Determine how much material is to be applied per 1,000 sq./ft. This is determined on the bag based on bag weight and total area of coverage if not directly stated on the bag the recommended number of pounds per 1,000 sq./ft.
  • Measure off a distance of 50 feet, preferably on a paved surface such as a parking lot.
  • Weigh out enough of the material to be applied to fill the bag/hopper at least half full.
  • Record the weight for future use.
  • With the unit positioned correctly for comfortable use, (on your left hip for 2700A/2750 or on your chest for the 3100/3200 models) and the bag/hopper at least half full of the material to be spread, position the yourself far enough before the beginning of the 50 foot test area so that you will achieve the desired speed before you reach the starting line.
  • Select the Setting Rate position that you feel would be an appropriate setting on the seeder/spreader (start in the middle).
  • Start walking at a NORMAL pace cranking the handle so that it makes one revolution for each step with either your right or left foot to ensure the proper distribution rate.
  • As you cross the starting line (of the 50 feet) move the rate lever to the open position against the stop.
  • Continue from the starting line with the unit spreading the material. As you cross the finish line move the rate control lever to the closed position.
  • Stop walking and measure the spread width and note it below.
  • Return to the start point and empty the remaining material from the hopper into your weighing container and re-weigh.


Desired Application Rate (lbs./1,000 sq. ft.) =

To determine the desired application rate divide the area (sq. ft.) that the bag says it should cover, by the weight of the bag, and then multiply by 1,000. (Example: 5,000 sq. ft. / 5 lbs. = .005 x 1,000 = 5lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.)

Weight of Material Placed in Bag/Hopper, Subtract the Weight of Material Left in Bag/Hopper, equals the Weight of Material Used, Multiply by the Width of Spread Area by Length (50 feet), equals Total Spread Area.

Divide the Weight of Material Used by the Total Spread Area = _________lbs.sq. ft.
Multiply the lbs.sq. ft. from above times 1,000 = ________lbs.1,000 sq. ft.

  • Compare the results of your test to the desired application rate.
  • Adjust the rate setting stop accordingly and run through the test again.
  • Repeat this process until you have achieved the desired application rate.

These settings are intended as a guide only. Variations in physical characteristics of material applied, brisk walking speed (3 mph.), and roughness of ground surface may require slightly different spreader settings. Due to the above conditions, Earthway Products, Inc. makes no warranty as to the uniformity of coverage actually obtained from the setting listed.

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