Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator


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Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator

Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator is used to control growth and reduce trimming requirements of perennial warm and cool season turfgrass around edges. This product is for turfgrasses that are already growing. Turf growth regulator application rate is from 20-80 oz per acre. Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator is to be used on golf courses, but can also be used along the perimeter of lawns, gravestones, sidewalks, mailboxes, fences and parking lots.

Do not apply to turf used for livestock production.

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02/17/2015 Jason from Trinidad Tx

QHow to mix Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator in backpack sprayer for spot treatment

AEdgeless Turf Grass Regulator mixing ratio depends on what type of turf grass you are applying too and the conditions of the area you spot treating. Please visit page two of the product label for further instructions. If you still have questions please call us at 866-581-7378 or you can also contact SePro 800-419-7779 for assistance as well.

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05/01/2017 Andrew from Miami, Fl

QCan Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator be used on broadleaf woody shrubs?


Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator should not be applied on or directly against shrubs. Be sure to apply the product outside the drip line on a less windy day.

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05/29/2017 John from Morristown, Nj

QCan you provide a simplified average mixing ratio per gallon for fescue when using Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator?
The label directions are overly complicated for my preference.


For simplified rates when using the Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for assistance. Their phone number is SePro 800-419-7779.

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