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John from Bryan, Tx writes

Effective life of Termidor SC

How is it that Termidor can last for decades in the soil around your foundation, but only a month in the inside of the wall cavity of your home? I could see how UV's might destroy topical treatments outdoors, but how so in wall cavities? Is it not suitable for spraying in-wall around plumbing penetrations? And if so, only active for a month?


Termidor is made specifically to bond to soil in a way that allows it to last for 10+ years when applied to soil.  It is not however made to bond to wood or other surfaces.  While the residual may last for a few months when applied in wall voids, wood does not obviously have the chemical make up like dirt that the termidor product is looking for.  This allows it to break down quicker.  Termidor is meant just as  spot treatment where you have termite activity indoors.  Also, there is a big difference when you pour 4 gallons per 10 feet into a 6 inch deep trench around your home compared to spraying a small amount in a wall void.

Answer last updated on: 04/27/2012

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