Fast Break Adjuvant

Fast Break Adjuvant
Fast Break Adjuvant
Fast Break Adjuvant

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Product Overview

Fast Break Adjuvant is a highly effective antifoaming/defoaming agent. It is proven to control and eliminate foaming of spray mixtures to lessen mixing and filling. Contains active ingredients that are known for minimizing foam on sprayers and pumps. It lessens foaming on applicators, preventing any problems to occur. The Fast Break is perfect to use when mixing herbicides with soft water which causes the formation of foam. Reducing the foam also lessens the loss of products that protects the crop and prevents vegetation from dying. This product is also considered a defoamer which eliminates the foam after it develops. For best results, make sure to properly agitate the spray solution. Comes in a one-quart bottle.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Dimethylpolysiloxane - 7.7% Methylated Silicon - 2.3% Constituents ineffective as spray adjuvant - 90.0%
For use in Most spray application equipment.
Application Preventive: 1 ounce per 100 gallons of spray solution when mixing. Curative: Add Fast Break adjuvant full strength to the surface for fast foam knockdown. Adjust the rate used to achieve desired foam control.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Silicone Emulsion Formula.
Special Features Approved for Aquatic use.
Shipping Weight 2.21 lbs
Manufacturer Winfield United CP (Mfg. Number: 180960)



The use of FAST BREAK can control foaming of spray mixtures. The reduction of foam can decrease mixing and filling times and reduce the material loss caused by foaming over of spray tanks. It can reduce risks of unwanted and unsightly vegetation kills or contamination caused by foaming over.

For foam reduction when mixing spray solutions, add FAST BREAK at the rate of 1 ounce per 100 gallons of solution. Water hardness, temperature and spray tank mixture may call for more or less. Adjust the rate until the desired control is achieved. Add FAST BREAK to the partly water-filled tank first and agitate well before adding other products to the spray solution.

If foaming should occur after spray mixture is in the tank, FAST BREAK can be applied directly to the surface using the trigger sprayer for fast foam knockdown.

Approved for Aquatic Use with Pesticides Labeled for Aquatic Use.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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