Fertilizer Spikes

Fertilizer spikes, also known as root feeders, can make fertilizing and feeding your plants fast and easy. Fertilizing is a crucial part of ensuring your plants are able to thrive, but sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to figure out which plants need which nutrients. Fertilizer spikes can help take the guesswork and commitment out of fertilizing.

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An easy-to-use tablet fertilizer which will provide essential nutrients to plants for up to 2 years.
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Indoor fertilizer spikes that promotes foliage and beautiful blossoms for all flowering and foliage house plants with a simple, long lasting solution.
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Fertilizer spikes that contains a balance for more abundant foliage and enhance fruit production.
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An all-purpose fertilizer spike that provides gardeners with a fuss-free, environmentally safe option for beautiful, healthy plants.
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A fertilizer spike that supplies the nutrients to the plants roots for houseplants throughout the home.
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An easy-to-use tablet fertilizer which will provide essential nutrients to plants in a 10 gm tablet and 1,000 tablets per box.
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A fertilizer spike that ensures a continuous supply of nutrients below the surface of plants and trees where active roots are growing.

Fertilizer Spike Basics

Fertilizer spikes are solid rods of a mix of plant nutrients that are into the soil, where the nutrients will be released. There are a huge variety of types of fertilizer spikes available, allowing you to choose exactly what you need for your plants. Fertilizer spikes are very common for fertilizing trees, but they can also be used in plant beds, potted plants, shrubs, vegetables, fruit, roses, and flowering plants. They make fertilization quick, mess-free, and allow for continuous feeding.

How To Use Fertilizer Spikes

  • Most types come with plastic caps on the top of the spike. Using a wooden mallet or hammer, drive the stakes into the ground, so the spike is six to eight inches in the ground.
  • When using to fertilize trees, make sure to place evenly along the “drip line,” or the invisible line down from the outermost branches to the ground.
  • This type of fertilizer dissolves very quickly if the soil is overwatered; yet require some soil moisture to work properly. A good soil moisture balance is needed, so check to see if your spikes have begun to dissolve (but not completely) after you’ve watered them in.
  • Be careful not to drive the spikes into the roots or into the tree itself.
  • Always read instructions carefully, as they will give you the best guide for the success and health of your plants.

Tips For Using Fertilizer Spikes

However easy they are to use, there are still some things you’ll need to keep in mind when using fertilizer spikes for any plant. Here are some tips for using fertilizer spikes correctly, ensuring your plants stay healthy and get all the nutrients they need.

  • Using fertilizer spikes incorrectly can lead to over fertilization, which damages plants. Signs of over fertilization include brown leaf tips, wilted or malformed leaves, and generally sickly looking foliage or blooms.
  • If using too many spikes or misplacing them in the soil can unevenly distribute nutrients, which leads to malnutrition or over fertilization in certain pockets of the soil.
  • Since this type of fertilizer is not distributed throughout the soil, you may need to supplement your soil with other foods, fertilizers, and amendments to create a nutrient-rich medium for your landscape to grow.
  • We carry a wide variety of fertilizer spike options to make sure your plants can get the exact nutrients they need to thrive. From organic formulas to those meant for fruit trees or flowerbeds, we can help you create a beautiful, healthy landscape.

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