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Ferti-Lome MoleGo Granules

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Best gopher repellant, I've used.

    By Geoff on 07/20/2018

    Living in area between new construction, and open space has meant an ongoing and unending siege of gophers. Have tried many other repellant brands; noisemakers, water, garlic, traps, and baits. Nothing worked for more than one treatment as gophers would learn to avoid. After much discouragement, I found these repellant granuals at Product was delivered promptly, and to my surprise it has greatly discouraged damage from gophers. It's been about 3 weeks, still no new damage in treated areas! (They moved to area in yard where I neglected to apply). Only reason I gave review 4 stars and not five is because this does nothing to reduce/kill existing populations of gophers, only "discourages" them by smell/taste. But this repellent has worked the best of others I've ever tried. Went from 20-80 new mounds a week to only 2-3. That's a vast improvement in my book. If you're trying to totally eliminate gophers, you'll need to use traps or bait. (I however have new had much luck with those as smart gophers learn to foul traps with dirt rendering them useless; and become a bit shy). I recommend this product highly, even though it doesn't kill the gophers. Probably the best choice if you have kids or pets. As always read label for directions/limitations.

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    Getting rid of molesi

    By C. on 07/05/2019

    I find their products are good. This is my review if you want more then it is not fair to ask for more take it or leave it

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    It Worked!

    By Mark on 03/20/2020

    I applied the MoleGo as directed and within 10 days the Mole activity ended. I am very pleased with this product.

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    Moles go away

    By Robert on 04/21/2020

    My lawn joins up to our woods. The moles come down into the lawn and it's a mess. I applied the Mole Go and am watching for any further activity in lawn. They are working in the woods but are not coming into lawn. It is a bit early for me to give a 5 star rating but am hopeful it lasts for 6 months. I use other Ferti-Lome products and and am pleased with them so that's the reason I'm trying these Mole Go granules.

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    First time buyer

    By David on 05/01/2020

    The Ferti-Lome MoleGo Granules appear to be working. Since my initial application I have just one mound. It has taken care of all the other areas. I have tried various options, i.e. worms, powder, DIY solutions, and other granules. So far I am very happy with the results.

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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)