Freelexx Herbicide

Freelexx Herbicide

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Product Overview

Freelexx Herbicide is professionally formulated for selective control of many broadleaf weeds in areas such as  grass pastures, rangeland, non-cropland, ornamental turfgrass, and aquatic areas (see label for complete list). With an innovative 2,4-D formulation, this product includes a quaternary ammonium salt and uses a lower level of phenols that may prevent cellular damage due to free-radical oxidation reactions. Freelexx Herbicide is developed to reduce volatility and has a lower odor than traditional forms of 2,4-D. Can be applied as a water spray or oil-water spray during warm weather, when target weeds and woody plants are actively growing. Available in a 2.5-gallon jug container.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid - 56.3%
Target pests Broadleaf weeds.
For use in For selective control of many broadleaf weeds in forests, grass pastures, rangeland.
Application Apply Freelexx as a water or oil-water spray during warm weather when target weeds or woody plants are actively growing. Application under drought conditions will often give poor results.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Liquid Formulation.
ME, VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Dimensions 8.00 x 6.00 x 14.00 inches.
Special Features Innovative 2,4-D formulation.
Shipping Weight 26.41 lbs
Manufacturer Corteva Agriscience
EPA Registration 62719-634


Application Directions

Apply with calibrated air or ground equipment using sufficient spray volume to provide adequate coverage of target weeds or as otherwise directed in specific use directions. For broadcast application, use a spray volume of 3 gallons or more per acre by air and 10 gallons or more per acre for ground equipment. Where states have regulations which specify minimum spray volumes, they must be observed. In general, increase spray volume as crop canopy, height and weed density increase in order to obtain adequate spray coverage. Do not apply less than 3 gallons total spray volume per acre.

Application Rate

The lower dosages given will be satisfactory for young, succulent growth of sensitive weed species. For less sensitive species and under conditions where control is more difficult, the higher dosages will be needed.

Application Timing

Apply Freelexx during warm weather when weeds are young and actively growing.

Spot Treatments

To prevent misapplication, apply spot treatments with a calibrated boom or with hand sprayers using a fixed spray volume per 1000 sq ft as indicated below.

Hand-Held Sprayers

Hand-held sprayers may be used for spot applications of Freelexx. Take care to apply the spray uniformly and at a rate equivalent to a broadcast application. Application rates in the table are based upon the application rate for an area of 1000 sq ft. Mix the amount of Freelexx (fl oz or mL) corresponding to the desired broadcast rate in 1 to 3 gallons of spray. To calculate the amount of Freelexx required for larger areas, multiply the table value (fl oz or mL) by the thousands of sq ft to be treated. An area of 1000 sq ft is approximately 10.5 X 10.5 yards (strides) in size.

Agricultural Use Requirements for Crops: For the following crop uses, follow PPE and re-entry instructions in the Agricultural Use Requirements section of this label.

Annual or Biennial Weeds

  • beggarticks
  • bittercress, smallflowered
  • bitterweed
  • broomweed, common
  • burdock, common
  • buttercup, smallflowered
  • carpetweed
  • cinquefoil, common
  • cinquefoil, rough
  • cocklebur, common
  • coffeeweed
  • copperleaf, Virginia
  • croton, Texas
  • croton, woolly
  • flixweed
  • galinsoga
  • geranium, Carolina
  • hemp, wild
  • horseweed (marestail)
  • jewelweed
  • jimsonweed
  • knotweed
  • kochia
  • lambsquarters, common
  • lettuce, prickly
  • lettuce, wild
  • lupines
  • mallow, little
  • mallow, Venice
  • marshelder
  • morningglory, annual
  • morningglory, ivy
  • morningglory, woolly
  • mousetail
  • mustards (except blue mustard)
  • parsnip, wild
  • pennycress, field
  • pepperweed
  • pigweeds (Amaranthus spp.)
  • poorjoe
  • primrose, common
  • purslane, common
  • pusley, Florida
  • radish, wild
  • ragweed, common
  • ragweed, giant
  • rape, wild
  • rocket, yellow
  • salsify, common
  • salsify, western
  • shepherdspurse
  • sicklepod
  • smartweed (annual species)
  • sneezeweed, bitter
  • sowthistle, annual
  • sowthistle, spiny
  • spanishneedles
  • sunflower
  • sweetclover
  • tansymustard
  • thistle, bull
  • thistle, musk
  • thistle, Russian (tumbleweed)
  • velvetleaf
  • vetches

Perennial Weeds

  • alfalfa
  • artichoke, Jerusalem
  • aster, many-flower
  • Austrian fieldcress
  • bindweed (hedge, field and European)
  • blue lettuce
  • blueweed, Texas
  • broomweed
  • bullnettle
  • carrot, wild
  • catnip
  • chicory
  • clover, red
  • coffeeweed
  • cress, hoary
  • dandelion
  • docks
  • dogbanes
  • eveningprimrose, cutleaf
  • garlic, wild
  • goldenrod
  • hawkweed, orange
  • healal
  • ironweed, western
  • ivy, ground
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • loco, bigbend
  • nettles (including stinging)
  • onion, wild
  • pennywort
  • plantains
  • ragwort, tansy
  • sowthistle, perennial
  • thistle, Canada
  • vervains
  • waterplantain
  • wormwood

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