Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard Light Trap

Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard Light Trap
Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard Light Trap

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Product Overview

The Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard Light Trap is a quality glueboard ILT that cornermounts, mounts flat on a wall (vertically or horizontally), and, when necessary, may even be hung from eyebolts. Call it unique and versatile. The Sticky Lizard features specially selected Sylvania F20T12/350BL/ECO (20 watt) 24 inch insect attractant lamps, the reigning champ for 40 years. Also available is the Shatterproof 20 watt Bulb.

Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord is standard 115v/60hz. Guard door swings open for easy access to lamps, lizard wings, and glueboard(s) for periodic cleaning and replacement. Change glueboard(s) regularly, at least as often as local codes require and change lamps annually. It is constructed of Aluminized steel (lifetime auto muffler material) with a Nickel-chromed guard door.

FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: (Excluding lamps and glueboards).

Features and Specs

Target pests Flying Insects
For use in Commercial & Residential: Homes, Office Buildings,
Application * See Manual for complete application instructions
Dimensions 30.25 in. x 16.00 in. x 3.00 in and 16 lbs.
Number of bulbs 2 x 20 watt T12 bulbs
Material / Construction Aluminized Steel
Shipping Weight 20.94 lbs
Manufacturer Gilbert Industries (Mfg. Number: 601GT)


When vertical, gluebords either slip into standard clips on each side of lamps or are folded, placed into Lizard's wings, and held in place by gravity, guard door and latch.

When horizontal, the primary glueboard slips into a Lizard wing or clip in the bottom of the trap. A second (optional) glueboard will slip into the clip above the lamps.

This trap holds one or two of glueboards, the Large (21-7/8" x 4-7/8") or the Standard (16-7/8" x 4-7/8") glueboard(s).

THE CORNER MOUNT ADVANTAGE of the Gilbert 601 series of traps allows it to be placed out of traffic (avoiding lift trucks) yet install the traps down low where they are effective against flies.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Do you have fly lights that can placed in a enclosed dumpster area the area is not subject to rain or snow?

Only the cold; it would be against the inside wall


We do not recommend using any fly lights inside a dumpster since they must be used in an indoor environment and

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Can the Gilbert 601GT Sticky Lizard Light Trap be using outside?

We offer indoor fly lights used in commercial and residential areas for fly control. We do offer products that can be applied outdoors.

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