Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide

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Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

1 Review | 4 Q&A

Product Overview

The Valent Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide is best utilized in greenhouses for fungus gnat larvae management. It may be administered on a wide variety of ornamentals, as well as all vegetable sets, bedding plants and bulb crops. Once the larvae have consumed the solution, they become paralyzed; will stop ingestion immediately and die – usually within twenty four hours. Gnatrol is available in a water dispersible granule or WDG formulation that will not leave excess chemicals and will provide convenience in measurement for increased application efficiency. To apply, enforce the solution with adequate water as a soil drench. When all life stages are present (eggs, larva, adult), make weekly applications for 3 weeks at 13 to 26 ounce or 100 gallons. Gnatrol WDG only controls larva, applications must be made when larval stages are present. Product is OMRI listed. It may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis strain AM 65-52 solids, spores and insecticidal toxins 37.4%
Target pests Fungus Gnat Larvae
For use in Greenhouses
Application Apply with adequate water as a soil drench
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product
Shelf Life 2 years
Special Features OMRI listed
More concentrated
Longer shelf life
Increased convenience and application accuracy
Time to Kill 24 hours
Shipping Weight 19.17 lbs
Manufacturer Nufarm (Mfg. Number: 60215.146)
UPC 636276986023
EPA Registration 73049-56
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    F^@K A GNAT UP!

    By Jo on 06/29/2016

    That's what it did!

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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Can I use Gnatrol WDG while also fertilizing with Shultz 10-15-10?

Yes, you can use Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide while also fertilizing. It will not diminish the efficacy of your fertilizer since it's meant to kill fungus gnat larvae.

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Does the rain inhibit the Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide?

Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide is a wettable dispersable granule. Rain will not inhibit the efficacy of the product. 

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Can Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide be used in ares other than greenhouses?

I have approximately 4 acres of land where I'm trying to eliminate or reduce a significant gnat population. Is this suitable for that use?


Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide is for use only in Greenhouse as listed on the product label. We do carry several forms of Altosid larvicide which can be used in outdoors areas of different sizes, including liquid, granule, and briquets. Please let us know if you need assistance selecting a product.

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Can Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide be applied in conjunction with peroxide or chlorine?

We would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide to confirm if any issues using in conjuction with peroxide or chlorine.  Then can be reached at 925-256-2700

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Gnatrol WDG Biological Larvicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 4 Q&A)

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