Grant's Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes - 10 Pack


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Grant\'s Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes -  10 Pack box (10 stakes)
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Grant\'s Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes -  10 Pack

Grant's Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes is a great way to get rid of entire colonies of ants. Just place the bait stakes around your property in places where you are having ant problems. Grant's Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes are designed to be placed either vertically in semi-soft ground or laid horizontally on any hard surfaces indoors or outdoors. The scouting ants will find the bait and they will take it back to the colony. Once there, the bait will keep the queen from reproducing and the colony will soon die out.

Grant's Kills Ants Ant Control Stakes will destroy the entire colony, killing the ants and preventing their return. Indoor or outdoor, they will help keep the ants from coming back and not infesting your home. These stations will start to work immediately!

Application Instructions:

To control ants around homes, ornamental gardens and flower beds. Always place ant stakes at locations inaccessible to children, pets and other non-target animals. Stake is designed to push easily into semi-soft ground or be laid flat on a hard surface indoors or outdoors.

Outdoors: Place ant stakes in areas where ants are seen. Place one stake every 15 - 20 feet of area, depending on severity of infestation. Place near cracks, crevices or other areas around the periphery of the home where ants may gain entry.

Indoors: Place ant stakes, hole side up, under sinks, behind appliances and along ant trails. If used in ground level cabinet, use child-proof fasteners on doors.

** For continuous control of ants, replace all indoor bait stakes after 3 months of use and outdoor bait stakes after 6 weeks of use.

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05/21/2015 Peggy from Grass Valley _ Ca

QI need a MSDS Sheet on Grants ant stakes

Asent customer email with attachment

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