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Do you ever wonder how athletic fields and golf courses stay emerald green all the time? While they may have a high watering budget, a lot of the times they will use grass paint to keep their turf bright. Dry summers often lead homeowners to pick up this practice, so you can keep your lawn green throughout the year.

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A professional athletic field marker that also helps increase the pH levels of soil and does not harm the grass.
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A professional high definition turf colorant for turf-grass on golf courses.
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An effective lawn pigment that is used in drought areas to provide extended green appearance.
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Seymour Stripe Athletic Field Marker Paint makes sharp, well defined stripes in one application.
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Seymour Yellow Marking Paint is an aerosol spray with an inverted tip marker.
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Seymour White Marking Paint is an aerosol spray with an inverted tip marker.
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Seymour Orange Fluorescent Marking Paint is an aerosol spray with an inverted tip marker
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Seymour Red Marking Paint is an aerosol spray with an inverted tip marker
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A professional marking paint that is fast drying and covers up to 250 linear feet.

In times of drought and dormant growing seasons, our grass or turf takes a hit in aesthetics. It becomes dried out and loses that lush, green color that many homeowners desire. However, it can be difficult to water or seed your grass or turf enough to maintain the look you want. This is where grass paint comes in. Grass paint is a dye or pigments formulated specifically for grasses that you can spray on your lawn or turf that will maintain the green color during times of drought, dormant growing seasons, and hot weather without over seeding or excess watering.

Why Use Grass Paint?

Green grass is hard to come by when periods of drought limit watering. Lawn paint allows you to water less while maintaining a beautiful lush looking lawn. In areas of the country that don’t experience snow or other harsh weather, lawn and turf paint can keep your lawn green throughout the year, even in dormant periods. This paint usually looks very natural, especially if applied correctly. It can last for months without reapplication.

While painting your grass or turf may seem like a very artificial means to an end, many of the products available have been formulated especially to match specific grass varieties, so the paint will appear natural looking.

  • Lawn paint is perfect for areas where winter doesn’t bring snow cover, but dormant grasses that appear brown or yellow. 
  • In areas where drought or watering restrictions are common, painting your grass can be the easiest and most low-maintenance option for a lush-looking lawn.
  • The paint is non-toxic and allows grass to breathe, which makes it non-damaging to dormant grasses. 
  • It can be a much more economical choice, since one application can last up to six weeks. Watering and over seeding can be very expensive and can require a lot of up-keep. Over seeding will require digging, fertilizing, and lots of water to allow the grasses to grow. 

Grass Paint Before and After Picture

grass paint before and after picture

How to Paint Grass:

Grass paint needs to be diluted, the rates depend on what color you want your grass and how big of an area you need to cover. You will need a professional sprayer, essentially turning the paint into grass spray paint. The type and quality of your sprayer will affect the professionalism of your paint job. You will want to cut your grass and rake prior to painting. Choose a dry day, as the paint needs time to dry. If you accidentally spray concrete or masonry, water should clean it up before it is dry. Choose paints free of heavy metals and chemicals, and always follow all directions.

Applying your paint correctly can greatly influence how natural the paint will look. Follow these guidlines for best results:

  • The paint must be applied with a sprayer, and diluted to the correct rate based on how big of an area you need to cover and the color you desire. 
  • Mow and rake your lawn before you paint grass.
  • Choose a dry day to allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Paints can be rinsed off sidewalks and masonry before it dries.
  • Choose the safest paints available, those free of heavy metals or harsh chemicals, and always follow all warnings and directions.


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