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Vision Pro HD Color

Vision Pro HD Color is for the use for turf on golf courses. Vision Pro HD Color allows turf to remain consistently green during the duration for the application period unlike other products that turn blue.This can be used alone or in conjunction with other plant health and protection programs. This new technology protects against UV light breakage, plant phytotoxicity, and allows for easy clean up of spray equipment. Vision Pro HD Color can be used with existing seals on spray equipment.


Apply bi weekly for optimal appearance.

For best results, use low to medium sprayer pressure. Avoid overspray on concrete, masonry, or any other objects where color is not desired, otherwise permanent staining may occur.

Accidental overspray may be removed by a water rinse prior to drying.

Directions for Use in Tank Mix Combinations

  1. Fill sprayer tank one-half to two-thirds the volume of water, and begin agitation.
  2. Following the standard order of addition, add Vision Pro HD after dry flowable/dispersable granules and before water-soluble pesticide formulations.
  3. Allow Vision Pro HD to fully disperse and mix into the spray solution before adding additional pesticides.
  4. Add water to reach final solution volume.
  5. Apply pesticide solution mix to target site at rate specified by pesticide manufacturer consistent with the product label.
  6. After application, clean sprayer tank as per the pesticide manufacturer’s label.

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07/25/2015 Alicia from San Diego, Ca

QWill Vision Pro HD Color harm bees?


Vision Pro HD Color is just a colorant and should not harm bees. The only way it may harm bees is if they were to come in contact with the material while wet, it could act as a suffocant. 

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03/17/2016 Jeff from Guymon, Ok

QCan Vision Pro HD Color be mixed with an herbicide such as Target 6 Plus?


Yes, Vision Pro HD Color can be used with herbicides. Follow the herbicide label with regards to mixing the product. Be mindful that this product is a turf colorant, not a turf marking product so it will not go away.

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09/08/2013 Pete from San Antonio, Tx

QIt appears there is not even a suggested mix ratio. Could someone provide one for the Vision Pro HD Color?
Even a hint would be a courtesy from the manufacturer of this product. Thanks! Y'all are the best

APer the product label for Vision Pro HD Color, flexibility in usage rate is reserved for the applicator to achieve the custom look desired. Used alone or in spray mix combinations ranging from 16 to 32 ounces per acre.

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