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Julie from Bisbee, Az writes

I have mice coming inside. What is the best method for getting rid of them?

I hate mice and they are coming in already. They live in the walls and I have dogs that also catch them. I do not like picking them up! I need to do something. They are filthy things. I have all my food protected but they are eating candles in my dining room cabinet and other really odd stuff. When I see what they eat I secure that too! I do not want to see and dispose of them! Please help me find the best way to "kill" them and dispose with minimal seeing and any contact! If my dog catches one I have to "woman up" and sweep it into a dust pan and throw it away. I really don't want to move but I heard for every mouse there is 10 more!


We always recommend using snap traps or glueboards indoors if the rodents have already made their way inside. The Trapper Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is designed to provide a discreet and effective option for trapping and killing mice. It features a no mess, capture and kill mechanism that kills mice quickly. The Hidden Kill trap keeps the captured mouse hidden inside, unlike your average wooden traps that display the mouse for all to see.  We would also recommend using baits in tamper resistant bait stations outdoors to prevent rodents from taking up resident inside the structure. We have a great guide here for How to Get Rid of Mice and How to Keep Mice Away.  

Answer last updated on: 09/07/2018

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