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Heritage G Fungicide

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    Not so fast

    By Richard on 09/13/2012

    Verified Purchase

    I had lawn disease for several years in a row that was called "red thread" which was scattered over 50% of my lawn along with "brown patch" over another 20%. Both diseases were verified in the samples that were tested my local state (CT) agricultural experiment station. They recommeded a fungicide, less irrigation, thatching, and replanting in the early fall. I would do that and my lawn would recover and look great again by late fall. Unfortunately, this happened every year. Early this year, I bought 3 bags of Heritage G and diligently followed the instructions to the letter. Rather than do the entire lawn I only did the areas that went bad each year. (no problems under trees or other shaded areas so those were skipped.) By mid summer, both diseases were back and I was greatly disappointed. Even applying it more than the recommended amount wouldn's stop it and now I'm thatching and planting again. This product did nothing for me. Richard

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    Not Impressed

    By Anonymous on 06/21/2013

    Verified Purchase

    Purchased this to both prevent and hopefully cure Pythium Blight /cottony mycelium growth in early spring of 2012. Didn't see any results. Given the expense, I can't recommnend this product if you're dealing with the same lawn disease that I have.

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    Wish there was a money back guarantee

    By David on 07/07/2017

    I applied the product 3 weeks ago. I applied more than recommended and the fungus in my lawn has only gotten worse. Guess I'm going back to Scotts! Sorry, not worth the money.

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    Can’t say it worked..

    By Joe on 09/05/2019

    Would love to rate this higher, but it didn’t take care of simple and regularly occurring dollar spot seen in mid-late summer in my Kentucky bluegrass lawn.

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    Didn't Work For Me

    By Daniel on 09/11/2020

    I'm very disappointed with this product. I bought it for Plythium Blight that was just starting to crop up, but it accelerated the spread. I had to switch back to Armada to get rid of and control it. I tried the Heritage because your supposed to rotate chemicals. I won't be using this product in my rotation anymore.

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