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How to Find Active Mole Tunnels

By DoMyOwn staff

Mole tunnels cause for an unsightly lawn. In this video, we will not only show you how to find a mole and the tunnels, but in which direction they are running.

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Video Transcript

Mole tunnels are formed when moles move about the yard in search of food. Because they feed throughout the year, damage can occur at any time. To find the tunnels, look for raised ridges or upheaved soil.

When they dig very deep, lots of dirt is displaced. Sometimes this gets confused with pocket gopher mounds, which do not cause raised ridges. Using a small probe, like a tent pole, locate a raised ridge. Move a couple of inches out from the raised dirt, and probe the ground.  Keep probing around the area until you do  not have resistance. If there is no resistance, you have located the tunnel.

Since moles dig under the soil, they can cause roots of grass and other plants to become disturbed. Some may become displaced, while others may die. 

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