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How to Get Rid of Moles

By DoMyOwn staff

There are a couple of ways to get rid of moles. In this video we will go over trapping and baiting of moles in the yard!

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Video Transcript

Trapping and baiting are the two best methods for mole control. Both rely on timing and proper placement for the best results. Trapping is best done in spring and fall. 

First find the active tunnels by stepping down on suspected areas. If the tunnel is rebuilt after a few days, it is active and a trap should be placed. Excavate the tunnels carefully, and place the trap as recommended by the manufacturer.

If traps fail or do not capture moles, they might have been improperly set. The moles could have changed behavior or the trap site was disturbed. Find a new place to set the trap, and wait.

Baits are a great alternative. They come shaped, scented and flavored to mimic food moles eat. Worm-shaped baits are best.

To place baits, first find active tunnels. Create a small hole in the tunnel, and place the bait inside. Pinch the hole closed and cover it with dirt. It might take two or three days for the moles to die after consumption. Moles will naturally decompose underground.

Stomp down the remaining tunnel systems and your done!

And it's that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!

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