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How to Use a Spreader - Correct Lawn Spreader Settings

By DoMyOwn staff

Watch this video to learn how to use lawn spreaders, including the correct spreader settings when applying granular fertilizers or other granular lawn chemicals.

 How to Use a Spreader - Correct Lawn Spreader Settings Video Play

Video Transcript

Figuring out the correct spreader settings for your needs can be confusing. Let show you how to figure it out and get the job done like a pro. 

Step one. Mark off an area that is a thousand square feet or 20 feet by 50 feet. Step two.

Determine the amount of product you need per one thousand feet by reading the product directions. For example, use three pounds of product per thousand square feet.

You would add three pounds of product to the spreader and walk at your normal pace over the area.

Step three. Add the recommended amount to your spreader.

Step four. Start with a medium setting on your spreader, then apply the determined amount of product by walking at your normal pace.

If you have product left at the end, your setting is too low. If you run out of product before you are at the end of the 1,000 sq feet, your setting is too high.