Imidacloprid 75 WSB

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Imidacloprid 75 WSB

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Product Overview

Imidacloprid 75 WSB is a professional insecticide in water soluble packets that are easy to measure and mix. It is used to control Japanese beetle, green June beetle, and other soil residing insects in landscape ornamentals, interior plants, and fruit and nut trees. There is a low use rate, which proves to be highly effective and cost efficient. Imidacloprid 75 WSB is most effective on turf if applied before the egg laying period. Avoid mowing the area until adequate irrigation is obtained. Make sure to apply Imidacloprid 75 WSB using equipment that will produce a uniform, course-droplet spray, and has a low pressure setting. For application on landscape ornamentals, Imidacloprid 75 WSB should be applied prior to anticipated infestation. Do not remove packets from container until ready to use and make sure to store Imidacloprid 75 WSB in a cool dry place (not below freezing).

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 75%
Target pests Green June Beetle, Northern Masked Chafer, Southern Masked Chafer, European Chafer, Japanese Beetle, and the European Crane Fly
For use in Fruit and Nut trees, Turfgrass (including Sod Farms), Interior Plantscapes, and Landscape Ornamentals
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Shipping Weight 0.48 lbs
Manufacturer Quali-Pro (Mfg. Number: 83014293)
EPA Registration 66222-199




Inside each foil pouch is a clear, inner, water-soluble packet containing the QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSB. Do not allow packets to become wet prior to adding to the spray tank. Do not handle the clear, inner packets with wet hands or wet gloves. Rough handling may cause breakage. Reseal outer carton to protect remaining packets.

To prepare the spray mixture, remove the outer foil pouch and drop the required number of unopened, clear water soluble packets, as determined under Applications, into the spray tank while filling with water to the desired level. Operate the agitator while mixing. Depending on water temperature and amount of agitation, the packets should completely dissolve within a few minutes after they are added to the water. Allow longe r time for the clear packet to dissolve when using cooler water.

Do not use QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSB packets in a tank-mix with products that contain Boron or release free chlorine. The resultant reaction of PVA and boron or free chlorine is a plastic which is not soluble in water or solvents such as diesel oils, kerosene, gasoline or alcohol. Do not attempt to use the packets directly in diesel oils or summer spray type oils as in ULV or LV uses. PVA packets are water soluble not oil soluble. Use of chlorinated water is acceptable.

QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSB has been found to be compatible with commonly used fungicides, miticides, liquid fertilizers, and other commonly used insecticides. Check physical compatibility using the correct proportion of products in a small jar test if local experience is unavailable.

Not for use in commercial greenhouses, nurseries, or on grasses grown for seed, or on commercial fruit and nut trees.


QUALI-PRO IMIDACLOPRID 75 WSB can be used as directed on turfgrass in sites such as home lawns, business and office complexes, shopping centers, residential complexes, golf courses, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and sod farms to control soil inhabiting pests as listed in the table below.

Effective control can be achieved when applications are made before or during the egg laying period. The timing of application s can be based on historical monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. For best control, apply prior to egg hatch of the target pests followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall to move the active ingredient through the thatch.

Irrigation or rainfall must occur within 24 hours after application to move the active ingredient through the thatch. Do not make applications when turfgrass areas are waterlogged or the soil is saturated with water. Adequate distribution of the active ingredient cannot be achieved when these conditions exist. The area to be treated must be able to accept vertical penetration of rainfall or irrigation water. Avoid mowing turf or lawn area until after sufficient irrigation or rainfall has occurred so that uniformity of application will not be affected.

Do not apply more 8.6 oz. (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year.

Do not apply Imidacloprid 75 WSB in ANY way in which it will come into contact with humans. Only protected handlers are to be in the area during application. This product is also highly toxic to bees and other pollinators. Do not allow the insecticide to drift onto any weeds or blooming crops if bees are visible in the treatment area. 

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    Great product

    By Greg on 04/11/2020

    We use it for trench method for ash borers. Used to come stronger but just use more with each treatment. Has kept my large ash trees alive for years while those around us are dead and gone.

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Imidacloprid 75 WSB 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 0 Q&A)

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