Liquid Insecticides

Liquid insecticide concentrates are the most popular formulation of pest control product with homeowners and professionals alike. Insecticide concentrates can be mixed with water at different rates depending on the size of your home or yard and the severity of your infestation. Even better, many liquid insecticide concentrates are labeled for use against multiple pests and application sites. 

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A professional systemic insecticide that controls insects for commercial turf-grass, shrubs & trees in golf courses to sod farms and greenhouses.
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Multiple sizes available
A professional water dispersable granular insecticide that is a contact kill for flying and crawling insects for commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications.
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A professional systemic insecticide and fertilizer to control insects and health for landscape and container trees and shrubs in a tablet form.
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A professional water soluble miticide ovicide to control spider mites for indoor greenhouses & nurseries and outdoor for landscaping ornamental plants.
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A professional water soluble miticide ovicide that provides residual control for up to 60 days for a variety of mites in nurseries and landscaping ornamental plants.
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A professional water soluble insecticide that provides residual control by inhibiting Aphids and White-flies from feeding on commercial ornamental plants.
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An potent insecticide with fungus strain for organic production and use.
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A professional insecticide that controls species of aphids, thrips and white-flies that attack greenhouse and nursery ornamental plants.
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Multiple sizes available
A professional water soluble granular insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential turf-grass, trees, ornamentals and golf courses.
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A professional water soluble systemic insecticide that controls insects in commercial turf-grass and ornamental plants for sod farms and landscaping.
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A professional water soluble insecticide for commercial indoor & outdoor ornamental plants in greenhouses and nurseries.

How to Use Liquid Insecticide Measuring Bottles

Uses for Liquid Insecticides

There are several reasons you may choose a liquid insecticide. We recommend using them for general insect control around your home. Liquid insecticides work well for this because they make it easier to create an even barrier of insecticide all the way around your home. 

See the following infographic for information about how to perform this treatment every 30 to 90 days:

General Exterior Insecticide Spray Treatment Guide

This guide shows how to do your own exterior insecticide treatment around your home. This treatment is meant for controlling general insect pests such as spiders, occasional ants, silverfish, scorpions, centipedes, and others.

                                 (click to enlarge)

Some other common uses of liquid insecticides include:

Systemic insecticides are usually found in liquid form. A plant absorbs this chemical where it is moved throughout the plant’s tissue. Target pests (sap suckers like mites and scales, for example) ingest the chemical along with plant’s tissues.

Pyrethrin insecticides are a very popular choice for organic gardeners or those who are less enthusiastic about using caustic chemicals in their yards, and are commonly found in liquid formulations. They are derived from the chrysanthemum plant and can be synthetic or natural and can control a wide variety of pests. While they come from natural ingredients, they can still be toxic so always use caution.

Organic, pet-safe, natural insecticides can be found in liquid form. While they may not non-toxic, they can have a very low level of toxicity and can be used more safely around pets and children.

Insecticide Products at Do My Own Pest Control

We focus on products to control common household pests around your home. All of our liquid insecticides must be mixed with water before use, and are perfect for creating a perimeter barrier around your home. Some examples of these products include:

  • Talstar P is formulated to control over 75 different pests, and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and is a pet-safe pesticide when dry.
  • Demon WP is a great product for ants, cockroaches, spiders, and many others, and is really good for cracks or crevices and provides both residual and contact control. This product comes in water soluble packets or drums.
  • Temprid SC is a suspension concentrate that controls many pests and is recommended for outdoor use, but can also be used for bedbug control. 

These products are professional-grade, and when applied with a gallon sprayer with a hand pump, allowing you to apply the product in a fine mist, cone spray, or fine stream. This helps to cover large areas as well as cracks and crevices. This graphic will help you to choose the proper product and when and how to apply these liquid pesticides.



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