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    Invict Blitz

    By Capt. on 06/21/2017

    I bought 20lb for me and my neighbors along with 78oz of Taurus SC. Instead of broadcasting I put out small samples of the Blitz expecting the ants to attack it......They just went around and ignored it. This stuff was expensive! After a few emails I learned they were wanting sugar (they devoured a Terro bait next to the Blitz) and the Blitz is protein based. I was told the boric acid in Terro wouldn't be transferred to the queen. I've fed 36 Terro's to them and they kept coming (why I'm trying the Blitz). I've mixed 2 small batches of Blitz, 1 w/syrup and 1 w/honey. I filled empty modified Terro bait stations and the ants appear to like it, time will tell. Easy enough to mix with syrup and control the baits consumption. I WOULD NOT broadcast this without first testing it! Gave it 3 stars because I had to modify the bait. Don't know how well it works yet. Just found a way to get them to take it.

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