Kaput Mouse Blocks

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Kaput Mouse Blocks

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Average Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.6

8 Reviews | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Kaput Mouse Blocks will kill house mice, white footed mice, deer mice, voles, and Norway and Roof rats. This bait contains warfarin, which is a highly effective anticoagulant containing low environmental and secondary toxicity. Warfarin is one of the active ingredients in rodenticides because it is very effective against rodents at low concentrations. Paraffin is added for resistance against moisture and for durability. The surfaces on the blocks are ridged to encourage rodent gnawing and there is a hole in the center to allow for use in a bait station. Grains are made of quality material to make sure the rodents come back for more.

Available in 4 lb. (64 blocks) and 22 lb. (350 blocks) buckets.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Warfarin 0.02%
Target pests Rats, Mice & Voles
For use in This may only be used inside and within 50 feet of buildings or inside transport vehicles (ships, trains or aircraft).
Application For best performance, remove other food sources from the area.
Rats: 4 - 16 blocks per placement in intervals of 15 - 30 feet in infested areas.
* Maintain a fresh bait supply for 10 days.
Mice: Apply 1 block per placement at 8 to 12 foot intervals.
* Maintain a fresh bait supply for 15 days.
Voles: Place 1 block in each bait station.
* Situate bait stations near runways, burrow openings or plants that voles have been damaging.
* Maintain a fresh bait supply for 15 days.
* Use a tamper-resistant bait station when children, pets, or non-target wildlife are present.
Pet safe Kaput is LESS toxic to non-target animals.
* An antidote, Vitamin K1 is readily available.
* Use in tamper resistant bait stations or areas inaccessible to non target animals and children.
Yield Each pail contains approx. 64 blocks; each block is 1 3/8 x 1 1/8 inch
Shelf Life If unopened and sealed, it will last 2 - 3 years if kept away from extreme temperatures.
* Once opened and properly resealed, it should last a year in normal conditions.
Coverage Area All bait placements must be inside or within 50 feet of buildings
Time to Kill 3 - 5 Days
Shipping Weight 4.45 lbs
Manufacturer Kaput (Mfg. Number: 71305)
UPC 853215000095
EPA Registration 72500-7
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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Kills Voles - Early Spring Treatment

    By Park on 04/10/2016

    I placed the block inside of the vole holes in the ground as the snow melted. I also broke up some of the blocks and put it in the "vole lanes" in the graass. There was some early activity. Now I have seen no further vole damage or voles. for a couple of weeds. Great product

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Kaput Mouse Blocks

    By Claudia on 07/24/2017

    We had very destructive Vole damage to our Blue Rug Junipers. We tried moth balls and underground sonic approaches - Non-effective at all! Purchased 5 bait stations and 'KAPUT'. Located stations 11 feet apart and placed them under the arms of the Junipers (66'x5'). We checked them every week for activity (started slowly) and continued to replace and clean the stations. After 12 weeks, the voles ate themselves into eternity. Now our task is to nurture the Junipers back to health. Would recommend this product to anyone needing vole control.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Kaput Mouse Blocks

    By Spunky on 03/23/2017

    This is my second order of 2 buckets of this product and I'm just starting to see results. Pherhaps a more potent formula may be more effective.

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    Thank you for your comments! The Kaput baits are multi-feed and will take longer to kill the target rodents. We do have other baits available that are single-feed baits and which will have a faster kill. Please feel free to contact us via email, Live Chat, or telephone at 866-581-7378 if you need assistance selecting a rodenticide. We appreciate your feedback and your business!

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    mouse blocks

    By Patricia on 04/12/2017

    The mice didn't even bite. What a waste of money

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that you have not gotten the results you desired from using the Kaput Mouse Blocks. If you are having trouble attracting rodents to bait placements, then you may need to continue to search for and eliminate any possible competing food sources. You should also be sure to handle baits and bait stations with gloves so that the oils from your hands do not interfere with the odor of the bait. You may also need to evaluate where your placements are to see if you have enough and that the placements are in optimum locations for the rodents to find them. We are also happy to assist you by telephone at 866-581-7378. We appreciate your business and your feedback!

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  • 2 of 5 Stars

    mouse blocks seem to have no interest to voles

    By L. on 10/04/2019

    THEY may be effective, if only, they would nibble. I have taken to smashing the block and imbedding it in peanut butter, which they always like. Perhaps you could produce such a product, or sell very small pieces that could be mixed the peanut butter. I would buy that. Thanks

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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Will Kaput Mouse Blocks melt if put outside in the heat?

They will be in a aegis container.


Kaput Mouse Blocks will not melt if left out in the heat. Please keep in mind to monitor them, as outdoor elements can cause the blocks to mold and sour.

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Kaput Mouse Blocks 3.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.6 (8 Reviews / 1 Q&A)

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