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Knock Out Fire Ant Killer

Knock Out Fire Ant Killer is fast acting - it begins killing fire ants right away. It also kills and controls other types of ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, grasshoppers, and other bothersome insect pests. It's unique formulation penetrates the soil quickly to kill bugs on lawns, around home perimeters, ornamentals, and flower gardens. It's easy to use - simply sprinkle the granules around ant mounds or where other pests are found, and then water them in. Please consult the label for specific application instructions for different pests and locations. For best results, immediately water the treated area after applying Knock Out Fire Ant Killer.

Fire Ant Facts:

  • Fire ants first entered the United States about 1918, near Mobile, Alabama.
  • Fire ants reached Mississippi around 1930.
  • Fire ants now occur over much of the Southeast.
  • Northern migration of fire ants will likely be limited by cold—winter temperatures that freeze the soil deeply enough to affect overwintering colonies.
  • There are two species of fire ants in the state. Red imported fire ants are the most common, but some areas have black imported fire ants, or hybrids of these two species. These two species are similar in biology and behavior.
  • Fire ants are social insects that nest in the soil in large colonies that contain tens of thousands to more than 200,000 ants.
  • Most of the ants in a fire ant colony are infertile, female workers.
  • Worker fire ants vary in size, but all are capable of stinging.
  • Usually there is only one queen per colony. The queen lays the eggs.
  • Fire ants have a complete life cycle. The eggs hatch into legless larvae, which develop into pupae, and ultimately become adults.
  • Fire ants feed on a wide range of foods, including insects, honeydew, plant nectar, seeds, fruit and animal carcasses. They especially like foods high in fat.
  • Foraging workers exit the mound through underground tunnels that radiate away from the mound, exiting to the surface five to 25 feet away from the mound.
  • Adult fire ants are incapable of swallowing solid food. They have to carry it back to the mound.
  • Solid food is fed to the larger larvae, which chew and digest it and regurgitate it in liquid form.
  • Liquid food is passed from the larvae back to the workers and then shared with all ants in the colony.
  • Fire ants spread by swarming. Unmated, winged reproductive male and female ants exit the mound in mass, fly into the air and mate while airborne.
  • Newly mated fire ant queens fall back to the ground within a few hundred yards to a few miles of the mound from which they emerged, shed their wings, and attempt to start new colonies.
  • At first the new queen is ‘on her own’. She lays a few eggs that eventually become small workers. These first workers then help care for their younger sisters and the colony begins to grow.
  • It takes several months for a colony to get large enough to build a mound large enough to be noticed in the average home lawn.
  • For every large mound in a lawn there are usually many younger colonies that are still too small to produce visible mounds.
  • Once a young fire ant colony is well established and has a few thousand workers, it can quickly develop into a mature colony containing tens of thousands of ants.
  • Small colonies develop into large colonies especially quickly if there are no bigger colonies nearby to compete with them.

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    5 of 5 stars  The Best working granules
    By John in Florida on 06/17/2016
    Verified Purchase

    I have tested all the products available at Walmart, Lowes, and HD thtis one actually works on termites. I put some around the mount and within two days they are gone. You have to treat all the mounds you see. The red ants will always come back no matter what you do, but this takes them out effectively for a while when used.

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12/05/2014 James from Palm Coast, Fl. 32164

Qwhat is the shelf life of a open bag of Knock Out Fire Ant Killer?

AKnock Out Fire Ant Killer has a shelf life of 1 year after opening if stored properly.

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06/13/2014 Sam from Belton Tx 76513

QDoes the Knock Out Fire Ant killer also kill the nest?

AKnock Out Fire Ant Killer will kill fire ants in the mound if you apply as a mound treatment. It is also labeled to be used as an outdoor broadcast on the lawn, the perimeter of the home and ornamental/flower gardens.

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04/19/2017 David from Fayetteville, Tx

QDoes Knock Out Fire Ant Killer work on grubs?


Knock Out Fire Ant Killer†is not labeled for grubs so would not be recommended. †Please check out our Grub Control page for the best recommendation on products. †

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08/05/2017 Ali from Wilmington, Nc

QAt what point is Knock Out Fire Ant Killer safe for pets and kids?
I put it on the mound at 8 pm but it is still damp 12+ hours later. When can my kids return to the yard and my dogs? Thanks!!!


Knock Out Fire Ant Killer†is safe once the treated area is dry. †Typically this is within a few hours, but it can vary depending on the weather and area applied to, i.e shady or sunny area.

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