K-Tea Aquatic Algaecide


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K-Tea Aquatic Algaecide

K-Tea Aquatic Algaecide is the best choice for eliminating troublesome green and blue algae including filamentous and planktonic algae in standing or slow moving water. Sites include: Golf course, Irrigation, fish and fire ponds, rivers, streams, bays and coves, ornamental, and crop and non crop irrigation systems ( canals, ditches and laterals). There are minimum restrictions for use on broad spectrum algae. There are no water use restrictions after applying K-Tea Algaecide. When applied at the first signs of growth, it will have the best results.


Pro - Tips: Use 12 oz of K-Tea in 1 gallon of water  (or go by a 1 to 10 ratio).

Never treat more than 2,000 sq ft at a time  - Wait two weeks between these applications due to the oxygen displacement

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06/19/2013 Jane from Valrico, Fl

Qwhat algae does k tea treat effectively? How applied? Is it diluted with water for application?


K-Tea treats algaes like filamentous, planktonic and branched, and many others. Please refer to the product label for each specific algae treated. You can apply this product diluted or undiluted in an aerial, surface, subsurface application.

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02/04/2016 Rod from Ocala, Fl

QCan K-Tea Algaecide be use on "Nostoc Commune" located on a gravel drive?
I have tried salt, vinegar, Hydrochloric acid and all the other remedies on the internet.


K-Tea Algaecide is not specifically labeled for eradication of Nostoc Commune. We recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension office for an alternative recommendation.

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