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Algae and moss overtaking your yard or backyard pond can be quite an eyesore and make paths slick and slimy. If basic cleaning hasn’t removed these non-parasitic primitive plants, professional grade chemical grade control can help. Our moss killers and algaecides are the same products the professionals use, giving you professional results when you do it yourself.

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A professional algaecide with a double-chelated copper solution effective for killing algae in large bodies of water.
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A professional algaecide that will kill algae within hours after treatment in ponds, garden fountains or ornamental waterfalls.
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A professional post-emergent, non-selective herbicide for commercial and residential water and landscape applications including greenhouses & nurseries.
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A professional algaecide for planktonic and filamentous algae, Chara and Hydrilla in lakes and ponds.
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Multiple sizes available
A professional granular algaecide with copper sulfate that kills Algae in ponds.
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A professional algaecide with copper sulfate that kills Algae and some aquatic plants in ponds and lakes
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A professional herbicide for emerged aquatic weeds & brush in ponds and weed control for tree plantations.
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An algaecide with an all-in-one solution to scum or toxic cyanobacteria for ponds, lakes and reservoirs.
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A professional algaecide for the use in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water as in golf course ponds.
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A potent algaecide for still or flowing aquatic sites.
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A professional algaecide and herbicide that effectively targets and controls three types of algae in lakes, ponds, irrigation canals, and potable water reservoirs.

About Moss and Algae

What is Moss?

Moss is made up of fine branched, threadlike stems with very small leaves. It reproduces by windblown spores and makes its own food, meaning it does not steal any nutrients from your lawn. Moss will form a thick green mat on the soil surface. If you see lots of moss in your lawn, this is likely because the conditions are favorable for the moss, but not the grass. The moss takes up the space left by dead grass.

What is Algae?

Algae are often fondly referred to as “pond scum” because of the green layer that may cover much of your pond or water feature. This is a primitive plant with no roots that can be broken up into three categories: microscopic, filamentous, and attached-erect. Microscopic algae is very common; this algae is made up of tiny free-floating algae that gives a pond that characteristic green color you’d rather go without. A little bit of this algae can actually improve the life within and water quality of your pond, so don’t be quick to get rid of a bit here and there.

How to Control Moss in Your Yard

Moss removal can be difficult. The most thorough method is cultural control, since moss favors any combination of abundant shade, acidic soil, poor drainage, compacted soil, and low soil fertility. You can try a number of things for moss control: 

  • Eliminate each variable one by one. Reduce shade cover or plant more shade tolerant grasses.
  • Check pH of soil to get it to the proper acidity to suit your type of turf. 
  • Remedy your poor drainage or excessive irrigation problem.
  • Mow grass to the upper limits of its length requirement; longer grass can root more deeply which leads to healthier lawns.
  • Leave the moss be; it isn’t harmful and is a low-maintenance ground cover.
  • For moss control in lawns that may be taken over by moss and growth of other plants is being impeded, you can consider using a moss killer product. Look for products with potassium salt fatty acids, like Bayer Advanced Moss and Algae Killer

How to Control Algae in Lawn or Pond

Algae removal can be difficult, but management can become an important part of your pond maintenance. Most pond algae are a pea soup green color and are more unsightly than harmful. Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) can produce toxins that can be very dangerous to the health of animals or fish that come in contact with the water. Red algae can also be dangerous. Contact your local extension office for help on how to kill algae like this, but aquatic dyes can help keep the algae from growing. Algae control for ponds with common planktonic algae and filamentous algae, try some of these steps:

  • Digging shallow areas of your pond deeper can help reduce the sunlight that helps the algae grow. This works the same as adding aquatic dye to keep sunlight from penetrating water.
  • Seeing a small amount of algae isn’t cause for concern; in fact, it helps the water quality and aquatic life by introducing more oxygen into the water. 
  • Reserve chemical treatment (algaecide for ponds or pools) for extreme cases of algae taking over your pond. Most aquatic algae killers contain copper: copper sulfate, copper chelate, or endothall. Use only the specific application rate and treat only a few sections at a time, as algae does not take long to kill algae, and killing a large amount at once can endanger the aquatic life in your pond. Please ensure you are choosing a pond algaecide safe for fish or other animals, especially if you are treating a koi pond.
  • In your pool, you can try to use a pool cleaner to get rid of any algae, and cover your pool when not in use.
  • Algae can also be present in your lawn, which is a sign of over irrigation, high rainfall, and low mowing heights. Just like with moss, it thrives when grass health declines. It can form a crust on top of soil and keep air or water from reaching soil. You can control lawn algae with the same products formulated for moss.

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