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    Hard to regulate but does a great job

    By Nathan on 05/24/2016

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    I had a hard time finding a way to get this product on the lawn in a timely fashion. I ended up using a sprayer that connected to the end of a hose and distributed liquid. However it was still a long task and it was difficult finding the right distribution rate.

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    Grass around Moss doesn't look right

    By Jim on 04/08/2019

    I used this product according to the procedures. It did turn the Moss black and killed it however the existing grass in the area doesn't look right, will it get it's green color back?

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We are happy to hear that our product helped get rid of the moss but apologize that it has discolored your lawn. Yes your lawn will eventually green back up on its own but it could take a little while to recover. However, if you are wanting to help it green up a little faster you can use Chelated Iron. If you have any other questions please let us know!

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    moss out works

    By Fyrcapn on 10/23/2018

    this stuff turns moss black within minutes. Now some of it comes back thats why the 4 stars. so it will take a second spray but boy it did slow it down. I suppose its possible that I didnt soak it enough to kill it all. Its the first time i used it so its a leaning curve. It hasnt harmed any grass or plant so there is that. I give it a thumbs up. If you have a lot to do better buy 2 bottles it doest go that far.

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    It really works

    By Howard on 05/09/2020

    Put on lawn late fall at the suggested rate using a Chapin 4- gallon backpack sprayer and I did get the advertised 2,000 ft. coverage. Have used pull behind 30-gallon sprayer and 2-gallon hand pump sprayer, neither did the job like the backpack sprayer, it has better pressure giving much stronger stream making contact with moss. Moss Out works but application is the trick, strong stream soaking heavy moss areas. May need more than one application in heavy moss areas but I am happy with results. Problem areas are shaded and damp.

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