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Maggie\'s Farm Orange Oil quart (32 oz)
This product has been discontinued. Please check out Medina Orange Oil as a replacement.
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Maggie\'s Farm Orange Oil

The Maggie's Farm Orange Oil is designed for a variety of household cleaning and gardening purposes. It is certified biodegradable and organic, and is made from 100% orange peel extract that was pressed from fresh citrus peels. For hard surface cleaning, spray or wipe the oil on surfaces. For gardening applications, put diluted oil directly to plant foliage or utilize to drench garden soil. The Orange Oil is sold in a 32 ounce bottle.

Note: Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.

Shake gently before mixing.

For household cleaning and application to plants:
Mix 2 oz of Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil per gallon of water.

For soil drench applications:
Mix 4 oz of Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil per gallon of water.

Mix as noted above and shake well before use.

For hard surface cleaning:
Spray or wipe diluted Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil on surfaces. Test treat surfaces to ensure no staining or marking will occur. Undiluted orange oil is a powerful, natural solvent. For heavy degreasing or adhesive removal, Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil can be used straight. Test before using on plastic surfaces to ensure the product won’t cause damage.

For gardening applications:
Apply diluted Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil directly to plant foliage or use to soak garden soil. Maggie’s Farm Orange Oil is a natural adjuvant that can enhance other sprays and soil drenches.

Note: Please see Product Label for Precautionary Statements

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05/20/2015 Linda from Murphy Nc

QCan Maggies Farm Orange Oil be used as an emulsifier for Cold Pressed Neem Oil?

AMedina Orange Oil is a natural and biodegradable product made from the oils extracted from orange peels during a cold press (emulsifier) process that preserves the natural strucuture of the oil. We also carry Neem Oil. Please provide additional information the application so that we can offer additional information for the type of application and treatment you will be performing.

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