Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder

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Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder
Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder
Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder

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Average Rating

2 out of 5 stars Rating: 2

2 Reviews | 31 Q&A

Product Overview

Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder comes with improved features for better performance. It includes a trigger with lock for easy spraying with one hand, three spray patterns, and an easy to grip handle. No measuring is needed - feeder delivers the accurate amount of food and water. Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder has a 40 - 50 gallon capacity depending on packet size of feed. 1 lb of feed comes in this feeder for the first feeding.

Features and Specs

For use in: All Miracle-Gro applicators and watering cans can be used to apply Miracle-Gro on ornamentals of any kind. Do not use hose-end applicators on indoor plants unless those plants are taken outdoors for the application.
Application: For all outdoor plants including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs. Feed every 7-14 days for best results. Fill the jar with 1 refill packet of any Miracle Gro water soluble plant food. Attach the feeder to the hose and turn on the water. Feed - Squeeze trigger. Once the jar has filled with water, it will start feeding (15 seconds per 10 sq. ft). Refill: the feeder when the powder is gone. See table below for amount to use. IMPORTANT: The jar comes already filled with Miracle Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food for your first feeding. Remove the plastic seal on the lid of the jar by unscrewing the sprayer head and peeling off the seal. Feeder must not be used with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other brands or types of plant foods. Foliar feeding of indoor plants is NOT recommended. For Lawns: follow directions according to the Miracle Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food label.
Coverage Area: When starting with a jarful of 1 1/4 pounds of Miracle-Gro, you will have 50 gallons of food. 1 jarful will cover 500 square feet of garden area or 1000 square feet of lawn. Recommended water pressure is 40 - 80 PSI. The feeder dispenses at 4 gallons per minute (1 gallon every 15 seconds).
Special Features: A new easy-to-grip handle, trigger with lock for one-handed control, and three spray patterns: shower, jet and flat
Shipping Weight: 1.55 lbs
Manufacturer: Scotts (Mfg. Number: 1004101)
UPC: 073561004107


Packet Size        Makes Approx.   Covers Garden Area    Dispensing Time

1 lb                      40 gallons              400 sq ft                         10-12 minutes

1.25 lb                  50 gallons              500 sq ft                         12-15 minutes

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    good & awkward

    By Patricia on 08/26/2018

    This feeder works good if your plants are below your waist. If you are trying to fertilize high hanging baskets it awkward and heavy.

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    My Gazanias

    By N on 05/26/2019

    Used this product 3 days ago on my flowering gazanias and it burnt them to pieces.

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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Is there an internal tube in the Miracle-Gro Garden feeder jar?

No, there is no internal tube in the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder. There is no need of one with this feeder, as the water gets fed into the feeder and then cycled back out through an internal syphon on the inside of the cap.

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Should the Lock be in the Open or Locked position on the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder?

The lock on the trigger of the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder could be used in either position.  Locked would hold the trigger down so you do not have to.

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How do you know when to put more feed into the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder bottle?

I've just bought this product and used to 200ml sachet it comes with. I've a medium garden and watered all the beds last night however the water in the bottle is still blue. It's either very efficient or not working. Any advice on how many litres of water I would expect to use before I need to refill.


The Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder is made to be used with water-soluble plant foods, which would be a solid granule concentrate. According to the manufacturer, a 1 lb packet of plant food should make approximately 40 gallons of solution to cover 400 square feet, and it would dispense in 10-12 minutes. The feeder will dispense 4 gallons of solution per minute (about 15 Liters). If you are having trouble using the sprayer you purchased, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased it, or you can reach Scott's directly at 888-270-3714.

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Should water coming out of my Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder sprayer be clear or light blue?

The Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food that is included with the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder is a blue crystalline product and even when diluted with water it will have a blue tint, fading in intensity as the product is used up.

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I have an older dispenser but it has never been used..

It looks the same as the new one. Just hooked to hose and it leaks between top and container. It has no seal, should it?

Yes, the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder could be leaking because the washer, located under the spray head, may have loosened. Please contact Scott's directly at  888-270-3714 for help with troubleshooting.

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Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder 2 out of 5 stars Rating: 2 (2 Reviews / 31 Q&A)

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