Hose End Sprayers

Hose-end sprayers make it easy for even the most clueless gardener to apply herbicides. Simply add your lawn care product into the sprayer, attach to a hose, and spray. Liquids and water soluable granulars can both be used in hose-end sprayers, giving you flexibility and professional grade results.  

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Two sprayers in one, a liquid sprayer for lawn & garden and a clog free feeder for soluble plant foods and fertilizers.
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Multiple sizes available
Multi-purpose sprayer
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A hose-end sprayer to apply liquid concentrates easier for residential lawn and gardens.
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Multiple sizes available
Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder provides improved features and performance that include a new easy to grip handle, three spray patterns, and trigger with lock for easy one hand use.
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A starter kit with an easy-to-use feeder and fertilizer for effortless feeding and watering of garden plants and vegetables.
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Liquafeed Universal Feeder is designed to help make feeding the plants as easily as watering them.
Quick View Chameleon Adaptable Hose End Sprayer
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An excellent hose end sprayer that offers three different spray patterns and easily attaches to containers for easier application of chemicals.

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