New York Pest Control

A complete list of professional do-it-yourself pest control products that are registered for sale to New York State.

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This elegant bird bath will draw more birds to your garden or backyard!
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Conant Custom Brass Rain Gauge Vial Replacement (VRG1 & VRG2) is a rain gauge vial bottle that will fit our VR1 and VR2 model.
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Droll Yankees Ring Pull Perch Ring is specially made for Droll Yankees Ring Pull feeders that convert straight perches into platform perches.
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A replacement glass bottle with 8-ounce capacity. It fits Perky-pet models 203C and 203CP hummingbird feeders.
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Specially formulated to help remove hard water stains and crusty white scale deposits, copper and iron on your birdbaths to keep it clean and safe.
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A mini water pump that is perfect on ponds, bowls or pots.
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A watertight, hardened glass waterer which will absolutely be efficient for your feathered friends.