NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor

NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor

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Product Overview

The NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor from BioSensory Inc. features new technology that literally attracts and traps bed bugs in an infested room.  Hotel and apartment owners can use NightWatch to detect if a room or unit has bed bugs, if a treated room is safe for occupancy, how bad an infestation is, or even to control and eradicate an infestation. The NightWatch™ Bed Bug Monitor is scientifically designed to capture bed bugs with a proprietary, 7-part kairomone lure which uses the pests' own natural, biological attractants against them. By mimicking the CO2 (exhaled breath) and heat of a human body, NightWatch combines with this powerful lure to make one of the most effective bed bug traps available. Safe for use around children and pets (when used as directed). One monitor will cover a 16' x 16' room. For larger spaces, additional monitors may be needed.

NightWatch is intended to be used in conjunction with other bed bug control measures.  For complete bed bug control, we recommend using NightWatch along with bed bug spray or one of our bed bug kits.

Each NightWatch monitor contains:
1 x monitor trap with an automatic timer
4 x kairomone lures (one per week for a one month supply. Additional lures are available)

CO2 sold separately - Look for a 20 oz. size bottle. Available at stores such as Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods, or a local paintball store. 

Features and Specs

Target pests bed bugs
For use in hotels, apartment units, homes, etc.
Pet safe Yes
Shipping Weight 8.00 lbs
Manufacturer BioSensory Inc.


NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor Features

  • State-of-the-art electronic controls
  • Timer lets you set when the device will turn on and off each day.
  • Cutting-edge CO 2 release technology
  • Low CO 2 alert on LCD panel
  • Rugged steel and plastic base construction
  • Proprietary kairomone lure
  • Proprietary thermal lure
  • Utilizes a 20-oz. CO 2 bottle (purchased separately)
  • Energy efficient 24V (low voltage) power cord
  • Low-noise: CO 2 release muffled by unique design
  • Automatically restarts after a power interruption 

Under optimal operating run time (10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.), the CO 2 bottle lasts for 7 nights and NightWatch™ lure should be replaced every 7 days. Additional units may be required for larger rooms/suites. Multiple monitors should be used in these cases to ensure quantification of infestation.

NightWatch bed bug trap

The Science Behind NightWatch

NightWatch™ was scientifically designed to trap bed bugs with a proprietary, 7-part kairomone lure which uses the pests' own natural, biological attractants and feeding instincts against them. By mimicking the CO2 and heat of a human body, NightWatch combines with this powerful yet safe lure to make the trap highly effective at detecting and catching these biting pests – before they can reach humans or even domestic animals.

BioSensory tested NightWatch by using the trap alone with heat, then with CO2 added, and then combined with heat, CO2 and the lure. As you can see from the charts, NightWatch combines these multiple attractants for a powerful three-way punch!

NightWatch caught over 1,000 bed bugs in one night and almost 10,000 bed bugs in the same field trial.*

Using the NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor

NightWatch™ trap covers a room approx. 16' x 16' in size. Additional units are required for larger rooms/suites. If there are multiple sofas and upholstered chairs, incremental monitoring devices would be recommended.

It is best to use NightWatch in a room that is unoccupied, meaning that you should not use the product while a human is also sleeping in the same room. NightWatch is more effective when there is no one else in the room to compete with (If you were sleeping in the same room at night, then the bed bugs would be just as attracted to you as they would be to the NightWatch trap).

For an Active Bed Bug Infestation:

(1) Install a fresh NightWatch lure into the unit
(2) Connect the CO 2 supply
(3) Plug into electrical outlet
(4) Turn unit on
(5) Set the timer
(6) Place trap under the bed near the headboard or next to the bed and start trapping bed bugs overnight.

In the morning, empty the trapped bugs from the trap's pit and remove them from the premises in a sealed refuse bag. Repeat until trap count is zero for at least three consecutive days.

If the premises have not been treated with additional EPA-registered insecticide(s) and/or steam heat, this protocol should be considered. Can be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management program of treatment with EPA-registered insecticides as an option.

Securing the CO2 cartridge

When securing the CO2 bottle is it is best to turn NightWatch upside down to screw in the bottle as shown in the user manual.

The CO2 bottle requires a very tight fit.  If not threaded completely, a LOW CO2 signal may appear.  If this happens, unplug the unit and unthread the bottle. Then  rethread the bottle very tightly.  Plug NightWatch back in.

Once the CO2 bottle is secured tightly, NightWatch will run properly.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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When will the Nightwatch bed bug monitor be available?

The insecticides I have purchased here have controlled the problem, but they have not eliminated the bugs entirely.

We are not sure when it will be available again.  All we can advise is to keep checking back.

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Where do you get the C02 bottles for the Nightwatch Bed Bug Monitor?

Where do you get the C02 bottles for the nightwatch, and can you use any CO2 bottle like they use for paintball guns?

CO2 cartridges are available at stores such as Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods, or at local paintball stores. Look for a 20 oz. size cartridge, the same type that are used in paintball guns.

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If the NightWatch fails, can I get my money back?
We always have a 90 day return policy on all products that we sell.  As long as the NightWatch trap is not physically damaged and you return it with all of the parts and in original packaging there will be no issues with returning it.

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