Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 8 - 9 Month Standard Release Fertilizer

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Osmocote  Plus 15-9-12 8 - 9  Month Standard Release Fertilizer

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.7

3 Reviews | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 8-9 Month Standard Release Fertilizer is a controlled release fertilizer that contains all of the essential major, minor, and secondary plant nutrients.  It is ideal for potted plants and hanging baskets in greenhouse production.  It can also be used for landscape containers and container-grown nursery plants grown in warmer than normal conditions.  It feature’s a patented release technology which allows nutrients to be released at a steady rate over the 8-9 month period.  This product may be mixed with growing media or surface applied.  It is safe for even sensitive plants and may be mixed with water-soluble fertilizers. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Total Nitrogen - 15% Available Phosphate - 9% Soluble Potash - 12%
For use in Greenhouse and nursery container plants, foliage production and landscaping.
Application Application rates are based on factors that influence selection include climate, specific crop, type of growing media, rainfall amount, irrigation type, and other nutrient sources. For greenhouse applications, it is recommended to use low to medium rates.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Granular Formula.
Dimensions 15.70 x 2.30 x 21.90 inches.
Special Features Provides a safe and consistent source of nutrition throughout the season.
Shipping Weight 50.00 lbs
Manufacturer ICL Specialty Fertilizers (Mfg. Number: OS903266)
UPC 848264000127



  • Verify product analysis, longevity and rate for plants in your production system (for assistance, contact your regional ICL-SF Territory Manager or call ICL-SF Customer Service at 800-492-8255)
  • Consult rate tables printed on bag labels and product sheets
  • For incorporation, blend into growing media to ensure uniform distribution of cores
  • Do not over-mix (doing so could damage fertilizer coating)
  • Growing media should be used within two to four weeks after incorporating fertilizer
  • For top-dress applications, spread fertilizer evenly on container surface (avoid piling fertilizer directly against plant stem)
  • Irrigate after application (irrigation frequency and volume should be adjusted during the crop production cycle according to crop type, environmental conditions and desired soluble salt levels)
  • A product trial is recommended before adopting a new fertilizer program or making full-scale changes to standard cultural practices (test several rates on representative plant types)
  • Use caution when applying to plants being over-wintered under cover (if you can't monitor soluble salts and/or adjust irrigation practices, avoid Fall and Winter applications
  • Store in a clean, cool, dry place

*See label for complete application instructions.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Quick Delivery Good Price

    By Rjfox on 10/21/2022

    Just what I was looking for, a time released fertilizer for all of my assorted plants in my landscaped yard. Easy application.

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    4 of 5 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Pam on 06/02/2023

    Excellent service and great price. Very fast shipping. Good customer service also. I emailed them and they responded immediately

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great for landscaping and shrubs!

    By Arobinson on 09/29/2023

    I've adopted a 2x a year fert program for my trees and shrubs and this product is a key part of it. I do a light application of 0-20-20 late summer/early fall and then late Feb do an application of slow release Osmocote. The plants are much healthier and I have had fewer issues with disease and insects since adopting this regimen.

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Questions & Answers

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Can I use Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 8 - 9 Month for fruit trees like cherry, avocado, lemon, apple, and orange?

Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 9-8 Month Standard Release Fertilizer is best used for greenhouses, nurseries, interiorscapes, and ornamental landscapes. We have many fertilizers that are more tailored for existing fruit trees and other edible plants, and you can browse those here. One very popular choice for home orchards is Fertilome Fruit, Citrus, and Pecan Tree Food 19-10-5.

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How many tablespoon for 14" container using Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 8 - 9 Month Standard Release Fertilizer?

Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 8 - 9 Month Standard Release Fertilizer does not list the 14" only a 12" so that is what we would recommend using. The rates are low 39 grams, medium 59 grams, and high 82 grams. Please refer to the product sheet for full details.

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