Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass Penkoted Grass Seed

Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass Penkoted Grass Seed

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Product Overview

The Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass Penkoted Grass Seed Pail 5 lb is a grass seed that grows well in sunny areas. It creates a low growing, low maintenance and resistant to drought sod. This product can be used for new lawns, established lawns, to improve bare spot areas. This product is also available in bags. It is Penkoted to protect the seeds from fungus, even soil insects.

Features and Specs

For use in Residential and Commercial areas
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Coverage Area New Lawns: 500 sq. ft.
Over-seeding: 1,000 sq. ft.
Special Features Penkoted for seeding protection
Shipping Weight 5.80 lbs
Manufacturer Pennington (Mfg. Number: 22133)
UPC 021496221335



New seeding:

Prepare the soil by tilling to a depth of 4 - 6 inches. Conduct a soil test to be sure your soil has the proper nutrients it needs for a healthy lawn. Apply fertilizer and lime at the recommended rates. If you are unable to conduct a soil test, apply lime and a complete lawn fertilizer according to the recommended rates on the packages. Work lime and fertilizer evenly into the soil, then rake the soil surface smooth to give the seed an ideal bed in which to establish healthy roots. Sow the grass seed by evenly spreading according to the recommended seeding rates. Rake, harrow or otherwise work the seed into the soil 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep. Keep the area well-watered until the seeds germinate and the seedlings have grown sufficiently to establish a lawn, then water as needed.

Overseeding or Reseeding:

Before overseeding, it is important to prepare the soil. Conduct a soil test to be sure your lawn has the proper balance of nutrients. Fertilize and lime if needed. Mow or clip the existing grass as closely as possible. Remove clippings and rake, harrow lightly or aerate the soil where there is existing lawn. This will allow the new seed to make contact with the soil. Sow the seed and gently rake to cover. Keep the lawn moist until seedlings are established, then water as needed.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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How often do you cut Bahia grass?

I have an acre of bahia grass lawn that grows 1 inch per day during the summer. I have been cutting it every four days but I have a lot of debrie on top of the lawn. It is written to cut only 2" at a time which would mean I would have to cut every other day? I am cutting with the best equipment. Your advice


Due to the conditions in your area, we would recommend speaking to master gardener in your area about how often you should cut the grass.They would be more knowledgable about the weather, soil conditions, etc. in your area. The link for your county is below.

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Seed needed for half acre, is Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass Penkoted Grass Seed good/

If you are seeding a new lawn you will need around 220 lbs of Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass Penkoted Grass Seed and if you are over-seeding you will need about 110 lbs. Coverage per 5 lbs is 500 sq ft for new lawns and 1000 sq ft for over-seeded lawns. 

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