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What Pests are Common in the Winter?

Keep the pests out to avoid an infestation

By DoMyOwn staff

Some pests seek warmth and shelter when the weather cools. Overwintering pests are pests that will specifically try to enter buildings during the winter. These pests will hide in cracks, crevices, attics, and crawlspaces throughout the cold months, then try to escape back outdoors when the weather warms in search of food.

Homeowners will typically see overwintering pests outside of their homes in the fall and then again inside their homes in the spring when the pests emerge on their way back outdoors. It is key for homeowners to prevent these pests from entering the home as overwintering pests can cause massive infestations. Some overwintering pests will also leave behind unpleasant odors and stains.

Below are 4 overwintering pests to watch out for this fall. Learn what they look like and how to keep them out of your home to prevent an infestation.

Overwintering Pest 1

Boxelder Bugs

Named after the trees and shrubs they prefer to eat from, boxelder bugs are red and black, and leave behind a stain when they are crushed or disturbed. Often found on the sunny side of homes and structures in the fall, it is important to keep boxelders out of your home to prevent stains and massive infestations.

Learn how to keep boxelder bugs out of your home.

Overwintering Pest 2

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are harmless until they are disturbed, then they release a pungent odor! Large stink bug populations can harbor in hiding spaces inside homes, so preventing them from entering your home should be a top priority.

Learn how to keep stink bugs away from your home.

Overwintering Pest 3

Cluster Flies

Once inside a home, cluster flies will swarm and cluster around windows on warm days to try and escape back outside. Cluster flies can be an annoyance but the flies themselves are harmless.

Learn how to keep cluster flies out of your home.

Overwintering Pest 4

Asian Lady Beetles

A species of ladybug, Asian lady beetles create a stinky, smelly substance that can be left behind on walls in a home. Like other overwintering pests, Asian lady beetles may also infest in the warmth of a home in large numbers.

Learn how to keep Asian lady beetles out of your home.

DoMyOwn's Overwintering Pest Kit contains the products needed to keep overwintering pests out of your home.

For additional advice on how to keep overwintering pests out of your home, give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 or email

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