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Ponds and lakes are beautiful to look at and fun to swim and fish in. Our pond and lake supplies will help you keep your water clean and healthy for optimal enjoyment. Whether you have a small backyard fish pond or a large lake, you can maintain your water with our products.

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A professional algaecide with a double-chelated copper solution effective for killing algae in large bodies of water.
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A versatile surfactant designed for use with aquatic herbicides.
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SpaProof is a hexaborate water harmonizer that maintains a stable pH to reduce chlorine loss, saving chemical costs and keeping spa water crystal clear
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A 3-in-one solution that effectively controls cyanobacteria, algae, and bacteria.
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A blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes for natural pond balance, clarification, and maintenance.
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Large fountain set that features 3 interchangeable fountain heads for flow variations.
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Pump that features reliable magnetic drive technology and can support power waterfalls, fountain heads and filters.

Pond & Lake Care Supplies: Types and Uses

There are many types of pond care supplies, from equipment to additives, which you can choose to add to your pond. Pond treatments come in a wide variety of types, and depending on the season, type of pond, and other factors, will dictate what type of pond maintenance or pond supplies you will need to use on your pond. Think of pond supplies not as pond chemicals, but as supplements to help you have a successful, beautiful outdoor pond to enjoy. Remember also that many pond supplies can also be used as lake supplies, lake chemicals, and lake treatments, depending on your needs.

  • Koi pond supplies: Depending on the size of your pond and the number of fish, you may need multiple water pumps and air bubblers, as well as food. Keeping the equipment working is key to the success of a koi pond.
  • Pond cleaning supplies: Sometimes ponds can become clouded with muck, caused by excess organic matter. Pond cleaners, like Crystal Blue Pond Cleaner, usually include some type of bacteria or microorganisms that consume the “muck” and clear up the water.
  • Algae control: Garden pond supplies or backyard pond supplies will often include some type of algae killer, especially during certain times of the year. Some algae are okay and actually healthy, but sometimes they threaten to overtake your entire pond. Copper sulfate or pond colorants can be used to reduce the risk of this happening.
  • Weed control is another aspect of pond care; so aquatic herbicides may also need to be used. However, use care if fish are involved. Pond colorants are generally safer for some weed control applications.
  • Pond and lake colorant: We sell pond dye to keep your pond or lake looking clean and blue.

Pond & Lake Care Tips

The goal in any pond is reaching a balance with the plants, wildlife, and natural bacteria or other microorganisms present in the water. There are factors that can disrupt this balance, causing murky waters or excess algal or aquatic weed bloom. You could run into other issues as well, like mosquitoes or faulty equipment. Here are a few tips to ensure your pond is healthy:

  • Avoid placing a new pond in the path of potential runoff, or plant a barrier of indigenous plants to filter out some runoff to an established pond. Runoff carries excess nutrition that can cause an overabundance of plant life in your pond.
  • Do not fertilize near a pond – stop fertilizing twenty feet away from ponds. Again, this will avoid any runoff of both chemicals and nutrients.
  • Attract wildlife to maintain a healthy balance. Creating a habitat for waterfowl and other animals can help achieve this.

In fish ponds or backyard ponds, seasonal checks of liners, electrical equipment, and filters are all intact, functional, and up-to-date. This will not only keep your pond healthy but ensure your fish are healthy as well.

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