Wood-Boring Beetle Treatment & Control

Powderpost beetles, a species of wood-boring beetle, grow from larvae in the crevices of wood and eat their way out. These pests can take years to appear, often emerging from lumber used in building and renovations. DoMyOwn’s powderpost beetle control products can be used to treat wood and remove powderpost beetles from the home.

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A professional contact kill insecticide aerosol with the active ingredient of Dinotefuran, the same as Alpine Dust that controls many crawling and flying insects.
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A professional insecticide termiticide that provides superior protection for per-construction treatment against subterranean termites.
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A professional insecticide termiticide wood treatment for termites, carpenter ants, powder-post beetles and wood-destroying insects.
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A professional ready-to-use termiticide insecticide foam for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor crack & crevice treatments.

3 Simple Steps To Controlling Powderpost Beetles

1.    Treat The Wood In Your Home

Because powderpost beetles (Wood Beetles) survive by eating through and digesting wood, one of the best ways to get rid of them is by treating the wood in your home with any of the approved wood treatment products such as Bora-Care or Timbor. This will make the wood indigestible to the insects by inhibiting the natural enzymes that are required to properly digest the fibers contained in the wood. This means that although the beetles might eat a small amount of the wood that has been treated, they will not be back to continue eating through it. These products also provide great protection against termites and any other bugs that might be a threat to the wood that makes up your home.

2.    Make Sure To Keep Everything Dry

Powderpost beetles, and indeed most wood eating insects thrive in damp areas. This can be a serious condition not only because of the insects but also because these same damp conditions can encourage the growth of other wood destroying problems such as mold. Therefore, if you want to protect your home you should aim to remove as much moisture as possible from the wood that makes up its frame.

3.    Apply The Appropriate Pesticides

Even if you diligently follow the first two steps, you are still likely to need a topical pesticide to get rid of powderpost beetles. Luckily, these bugs are not known to be resistant to any of the pesticides that are commonly used against them, so it should be a simple matter to treat the infestation. Generally speaking, any pesticide that is approved to treat termites will also work on powderpost beetles. All products listed above on this page are labeled to treat powderpost beetles.

Keep in mind that you can always call or e-mail for free advice and recommendations on any pests that might threaten your home, from powderpost beetles to termites.

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