Prime Source Aqua Blue Colorant

Prime Source Aqua Blue Colorant

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Product Overview

The Prime Source Aqua Blue Colorant is an effective lake and pond colorant. A non-toxic product that creates a beautiful and natural appearance for any lake and pond area. It is safe to use on golf courses, park fountains and lakes with fishes and other aquatic species. This colorant will not stain fountains, stones, swimwear and other aquatic features when used accordingly. The Prime Source Aqua Blue Colorant is also available in water soluble bag (WSB) packaging.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Acid blue 9 - 23.63% Acid yellow 23 - 2.39%
For use in Lakes, Ponds and other controlled water systems and features
Application Pour recommended rate in several areas along the shoreline
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Coverage Area Apply 1 gallon of dye per acre of water at an average depth of four feet. 1 ounce can treat up to 8500 gallons of water for small ponds.
Color Deep Blue
Special Features non-toxic feature
Shipping Weight 8.62 lbs
Manufacturer Prime Source
UPC 794504350166



  • Do not use in water that is expected to be consumed by humans.
  • Use Aqua Blue Select only in bodies of water that have restricted flow.
  • The dye will stain rocks, decking and other porous surfaces if spilled or applied without being diluted (straight from the container).


  • Aqua Blue Select should be applied one (1) gallon of dye per acre of water with an average water depth of four (4) feet (4 acre-feet).
  • One (1) ounce treats approximately (8,500) gallons of water for small ponds.
  • Consult label for detailed rate information and complete application instructions.

An acre/foot of water can be determined using the following formula:

  • Pond Length (ft.) x Pond Width (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.)/43,560 ft. = Acre/Foot of Water


  • Pour the appropriate amount of dye into the water along the edge of the lake or pond.
  • Aqua Blue Select will distribute evenly, dispersing with lake and pond currents, and wind-blown water movement. To assist diffusion throughout the entire lake or pond, empty the gallon container(s) at different points around the lake or pond edge, or through an aerator, circulation or injection system, waterfall or fountain.
  • Wear eye protection and rubber gloves, carefully applying the dye directly to the water. Aqua Blue Select is a high-quality, aquatic dye that will be degraded by chlorine, which will diminish the lake or pond coloration.
  • In non-chlorinated systems or lakes and ponds, dye is broken down gradually through biological and photo-degradation. Coloration is also reduced through the natural process of dilution. The original color level should be stable for 2-4 weeks, depending on your lake or pond system.
  • Chlorinated systems typically require dye addition within 2 weeks, while biological and photo-degradation is common within 4 weeks.
  • To return your beautiful lake or pond color to its intended coloration level, simply add small amounts of Aqua Blue Select from time to time which will offset the natural color loss.


  • Store in cool, dry place. Keep in original container tightly closed.
  • Freezing will not harm the product but the container presents a burst potential if frozen.
  • Do not reuse empty container.
  • Triple rinse and offer container for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and dispose of in an approved waste disposal facility, or other procedures in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Recycling decontaminated containers is the best option of container disposal.

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