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PROKoZ Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide jug (2.5 gal)
This product is has been discontinued. The new alternative is the Surflan AS.
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PROKoZ Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide

PROKoZ Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide 2.5 Gallon is a specially formulated selective herbicide with an excellent pre-emergence control of a wide range of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in groundcovers, established warm season turfgrass, Christmas tree plantations, golf courses and other turf and ornamental settings including non-cropland and industrial sites. It uses Oryzalin as its active ingredient and it works by inhibiting the growth of developing roots. This liquid formula guarantees to provide long-lasting control of a large number of weeds and grasses but you can be assured that it’s gentle enough to be used directly over the top of more than 400 plants.

Currently registered in: WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, MT, WY, CO, NM, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, MN, IA, MO, AR, LA, WI, IL, MS, TN, KY, IN, MI, OH, WV, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, PA, NY, ME, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VT, NH, MA, RI, AK, HI.

Treatment of Plant Species Not Listed on the Label for Surflan AS

Users who wish to use Surflan AS on plant species not recommended on this label may determine the suitability for use by treating a small number of such plants at a recommended rate. Prior to treatment of larger areas, the treated plants should be observed for any sign of herbicidal injury during 30-60 days of normal growing conditions to determine if the treatment is non-injurious to the target plant species. The user assumes responsibility for any plant damage or other liability resulting from use of Surflan AS on plant species not recommended on this label. 

Aerial Application: Do not aerially apply this product.

Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

For orchard crops, including citrus, pome fruits, stone fruits, and tree nuts, apply product only as a strip treatment in the tree rows; do not apply to row middles or drive rows.
Do not graze or feed forage from treated areas to livestock.

Precaution: Avoid spray drift to non-target areas when applying Surflan AS. Spray drift may result in reduced emergence of non-target plants adjacent to the treated area. Poor weed control may result if directions are not followed. Over-application may result in crop injury or excessive soil residue.


Soil Preparation
Surflan AS controls weeds growing from seed. Surflan AS will not control emerged weeds. Surflan AS does not control established weeds, weeds growing from stolens, rhizomes, or root pieces. Therefore, areas to be treated should be free of emerged weeds. Weed residues, prunings, and trash should be thoroughly mixed into the soil or removed prior to treatment. In field applications, the soil should be in good tilthand free of clods at the time of application.

Ground Application: Apply Surflan AS as a directed spray to the soil surface or over the top of plants. Use only a properly calibrated, low-pressure, herbicide sprayer that will apply the spray uniformly. Use screens no finer than 50 mesh in nozzles and in-line strainers. Apply the appropriate rate of Surflan AS, as outlined in Crop Specific Use Directions section of this label. In all cases, use sufficient water volume to obtain uniform coverage and deliver the desired rate of Surflan AS to the treated area. The volume of water used is not critical, as long as the desired rate of Surflan AS is delivered uniformly across the area treated. When calibrating, determine the volume of water delivered by the sprayer to a given area (1,000 sq ft, 1 acre, etc.). Then mix the desired rate of Surflan AS in the amount of water required to cover the entire area to be treated. As the amount of water used (spray volume) decreases, the importance of accurate calibration and uniform application increases. Check the sprayer daily to ensure proper calibration and uniform application. Maintain continuous agitation from mixing through application. Avoid spray pattern skips and overlaps that may result in incomplete coverage or over-application.

Hand Held or Backpack Sprayer Application: The amount of water used to apply Surflan AS herbicide is not critical, but should be sufficient for uniform coverage of the target area. Calibrate by determining the volume of water required to treat 1000 square feet. Use this calibration volume to determine the amount of water and Surflan AS herbicide needed to treat the target area (see the following calibration example).

Note: Sprayer calibration (volume of spray needed to treat 1,000 square feet) will vary with each individual operator.

Steps in Calibration:

  1. Mark an area of 1,000 square feet (i.e. 20 by 50 feet, or 25 by 40 feet).
  2. Place the sprayer on a level surface and add water noting the final level of water in the spray tank.
  3. Spray the marked area with a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform coverage. Refill the sprayer to the same level as before measuring the amount of water added. The measured water added to the sprayer is the volume needed to cover 1,000 square feet.
  4. Determine the application rate (fl oz/1000 sq ft) for Surflan AS from the Crop Specific Use Directions section of this label.
  5. To each volume of water used, as measured in step 3, add the amount of Surflan AS as determined in step 4.

Example: If the sprayer used 2 gallons of water to cover 1,000 square feet and the desired application rate of Surflan AS is 3 fluid oz/1,000 square
feet, then you would add 3 fluid ounces of Surflan AS to every 2 gallons of water to be used.

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07/29/2014 Mile from Birmingham Alabama

QSurflan. When to spray
In the birmingham area when is the recommended time to put down to prevent poanna?

APROKoZ Surflan AS Specialty Herbicide should be applied a few weeks before weed seeds germinate to be most effective, as they have no effect on emerged plants. In the Birmingham region, germination is between March-September. To limit bluegrass germination during winter, apply preemergent herbicides in late summer or early fall when soil temperatures drop below 70°F.

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