Pyranha Zero - Bite Natural Insect Repellent

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Pyranha Zero - Bite Natural Insect Repellent

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1 Review | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent helps control stable flies, horse flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, lice and more - the way mother nature intended. It is formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients like geraniol, clove and peppermint to help eliminate insects naturally. It is guaranteed safe and effective and will make a great alternative to your ordinary insect spray. It also features a natural scent plus a non-greasy formulation. The natural oils are suspended in more than 90% water. This non-toxic spray is ideal for use on horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, caged pets, and their premises.

Available Sizes:

  • Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent – 8 oz.
  • Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent – Quart

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Geraniol - 1% Clove Oil - .5% Peppermint Oil - .25% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - 3.84%
Target pests Stable Flies, House Flies, Bot Flies, Horse Flies, Horn Flies, Ticks, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Gnats and Lice
For use in Horses, Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, pets Cages and Premises
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Shipping Weight 0.57 lbs
Manufacturer Pyranha (Mfg. Number: 001ZERO8)
UPC 791738114670



  • Zero-Bite's bug-fighting power comes from geraniol, clove and peppermint
  • The natural oils are suspended in more than 90 percent water, so it is neither oily nor greasy
  • A safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional fly sprays and wipe
  • Great natural scent
  • Safe to use on dogs, cats and other small animals too


Use only in accordance with label directions and precautions. Shake well before using.



Thoroughly brush horse to remove excess dirt and dust. Moisten (but do not wet to the point of dripping) a soft cloth and rub over the hair. It is best to apply by rubbing against the direction of hair growth. Give special attention to legs, shoulders, shanks, neck, and facial areas where flies are most often seen. Only light application is needed. Avoid using in excess amounts. Do not wet skin.


ZERO-BITE may be applied as a light spray mist to horses, then brush lightly. Do not wet horse's skin. Do not spray near eyes and mucous membranes, apply with a soft cloth in these areas.


Start spraying at the tail, moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure the animal's entire body is covered, including the legs and underbody. While spraying, fluff the hair so that the spray will penetrate to the skin. Make sure that it wets thoroughly, but do not saturate the animal. Do not spray into eyes or face. Do not contact genitalia. Do not use on animals under twelve (12) weeks old. Repeat application as necessary. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on medicated, debilitated, aged, pregnant, or nursing animals.


Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks, and crevices, along and behind baseboards, moldings, window and door frames plus entire area of floor and floor covering. Place fresh bedding in animal quarters following treatment.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Works fairly well == Smells good too

    By Rozfarign on 03/25/2022

    Like home-made repellent, Without the trouble to make.

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Questions & Answers

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Is Pyranha Zero - Bite Natural Insect Repellent safe to use on humans?

Some one at a pet supply store said they use this on themself and their pets. Is it safe?


Pyranha Zero - Bite Natural Insect Repellent cannot be used on humans. 

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