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    Pyrethrum TR

    By Linda on 05/11/2018

    This product does not work. I put 2 in each 3,000 square foot greenhouses. The aphids were not depressed or dead. After 2 weeks I sprayed with Orthene and Avid, that got rid of the aphids. This product just allowed more infestation

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    pyrethrum insecticide

    By Ellma on 08/23/2019

    This product almost killed my mandevilla plant , I use it due to bugs , insects , tiny ones that started to infest on leaves and stems , I believe this product maybe to strong to use on such plant like this , next day I notice browning on the stems and leaves , dying back slowly by day , I had to trim mandevilla plant back due to dead spots , I only use it once , I will not be buying this product again , I had hopes for this product and someone did suggest that I use this product because it was good , I see the reviews in the 5 star , it almost killed my mandevilla , day after day I continue to see how it is doing , still the same looks weak , no I don't suggest this product to a friend.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)