Stop roaches before they enter your home with outdoor roach granules. These granular insecticide baits will combat roaches before they reach your home. Roaches will consume the bait and spread the active ingredient to other roaches for quick knockdown. Shop DoMyOwn’s selection of professional grade outdoor roach baits to do it yourself with professional results.

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A professional granular insecticide for lawns to control many common insects, including ant and beetles.

Protecting the Exterior of Your Home from Roaches

Using roach outdoor granules to control roaches is important because they are one of the most common and most annoying pests in the world. Their infestations are often large and can disrupt the day to day life of anyone whose home is harboring them. The unfortunate fact is that often roaches find their way into your home from the outdoors without your knowledge, and once inside they can become a huge nuisance. Therefore part of the battle against these insects is keeping them out in the first place.

Here at Do My Own Pest Control we have all the products you’ll need to protect the outside of your home from roaches who might try to enter and cause an infestation. In addition we offer all the free expert advice you’ll need to make sure the products you select will do the job right the first time.

How Do I Prevent Roaches Outside From Coming Inside?

This question is best answered by examining the different forms of outdoor roach control available on the market. By far the most popular solution are roach outdoor granules. These are formulated with the best available pesticides to kill the insects before they have a chance to enter your home. They are also often merely granular preparations of leading products such as Talstar insecticide.
Some Tips On Using Outdoor Roach Products

•    Make Sure You Keep Them Dry

This is most important when first applying the products, but you should be careful to not place them outside before a rain storm or to water the area immediately after application as getting wet will reduce the effectiveness of the granular product.

•    Think About Combining Them With Other Methods

Although granular roach control products are great for overall control of roaches outdoors, they can be made even more effective when combined with products such as insect growth regulators or IGRs which disrupt the life cycle of the insects at the larval stage and provide longer term control of the problem.

•    Keep Kids And Pets Away After Application

Although these products are not highly toxic to mammals, the areas that have been treated should be kept clear of pets and kids according to the manufacturer’s instructions for at least a few hours after the product has been applied in order to avoid any accidental contact.

•    Check The Inside Of Your Home Too

If you’re treating the outside of your home to kill roaches, it pays to check for signs of infestation inside the house as well. Be sure to check under appliances and in cabinets, as these are common hiding places for these bugs. If you should find an infestation, you can be sure that we’ll have all the products you’ll need to kill the roaches and get them out for good.

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