Rodent Baiting Kit with TakeDown II Soft Bait

Rodent Baiting Kit with TakeDown II Soft Bait

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Product Overview

The Rodent Baiting Kit with TakeDown II Soft Bait contains the professional rodenticide and tamper-resistant stations you need to protect your home or business safely from rats and mice. Our Exclusive EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station Bonus Pack includes 6 x EZ Klean Rodent Bait Stations (large enough for both mice and rats to access bait inside), vertical and horizontal rods for each station, 1 universal key to access the stations and 1 of the Catchmaster Easy Set 621p Rat Snap Traps. The Rodent Baiting Kit also includes a 4 pound pail of TakeDown II Soft Bait to combat rodent infestations. TakeDown II Soft Bait contains the fast-acting ingredient Bromethalin, killing rodents in just one feeding.  It features a combination of powerful formula and palatability of soft bait which is highly accepted by rodents. It guarantees to provide effective and quick results - start seeing results in 2 to 3 days after placement. Each lethal dose comes in unique packaging which allows the aroma to slip and attract roof rats, house mice, and Norway rats. It is a wax-free formula that enhances palatability and won't melt in high temperatures.

This kit is intended for Rat Treatment outdoors within 50 feet of buildings. If you are finding rats indoors, we strongly recommend using rat traps or rat glue boards so that the rodents may be removed as quickly as possible.

TakeDown Soft Bait is appropriate for treating Norway Rats, Roof rats, House mice and anticoagulant-resistant rats and house mice. The Rodent Baiting Kit includes larger stations because they follow newer regulations for Tamper Resistance, while none of the smaller, mouse bait stations meet the requirements for outdoor baiting.

Before baiting, it is important to perform a thorough Inspection of the property before using baits so that you can properly Identify what kind of rodents you have, if any, and so that you can prevent further infestation by sealing up access points and keeping rodents out.

The active ingredient in TakeDown II is a neurotoxin, so there is no antidote if children or non-target animals such as domestic cats or dogs consume the bait. If you are baiting in an area where there are children or pets, we recommend using a bait such as Contrac Blox; the antidote for Contrac is Vitamin K1, which is readily available from a veterinarian or doctor.

Browse all of our Rat Control Products and Mouse Control Products.

For indoor infestations, we strongly recommend using live traps, glue boards or snap traps appropriate for mice or rats.


Before considering baiting, it is important to thoroughly Inspect both inside and outside for signs of rats and mice, including droppings, gnaw marks, burrows, runways, and travel or grease marks. See our Mouse Identification and Rat Identification Guides for more assistance determining which pest you may need to handle. Keep in mind that rats and mice can be active year-round.

TakeDown II Soft Bait is appropriate for treating Norway Rats, Roof rats, House mice and anticoagulant-resistant rats and house mice. The Rodent Baiting Kit includes larger stations because they follow newer regulations for Tamper Resistance, while none of the smaller, mouse bait stations meet the requirements for outdoor baiting.

How to Use the Rodent Baiting Kit


Rats and mice need food, water, harborage, and nesting materials to survive. Reducing or minimizing these favorable conditions is the only way to control rodent infestations completely.

*Look for food sources that rodents can access easily, such as food in cardboard boxes or plastic packaging and pet food in bags. Seal food in heavy plastic or metal containers with a secure lid.

*Feed pets at set meal times rather than leaving food out constantly.

*Inspect for and fix any water leaks inside. Minimize watering adjacent to the structure and repair leaky hoses.

*Remove clutter such as cardboard boxes and paper that rats like to use for nesting materials.

*Remove grass clippings and yard debris near the structure.

*Store firewood away from the structure.

*Trim shrubs and bushes near the home so that you can see around and underneath them to reduce harborage and to eliminate travel pathways to the home.

*Inspect and seal points of access into the structure. Pay close attention to entranceways, utility connections, gutters, and garage doors. Shop our Exclusion Products here.

STEP 2 - BAIT AND BAIT STATIONS - TakeDown II Soft Bait and EZ Klean Bait Stations

For most situations, baiting is recommended for use outdoors only. Baiting indoors will most likely result in rodents dying in areas where they cannot be removed, causing secondary problems such as insect infestations, objectionable odors, and spread of disease. EZ Klean stations can accommodate rats or mice while keeping bait secure from non-target animals and people and safe from rain and other weathering. Stations also provide a dark and discreet place where rodents like to hide.

TakeDown II Soft Bait contains a bittering agent to deter non-target animals from consuming the bait. 

*Wear gloves or use dedicated handling tools when handling baits to avoid contamination.

*Rodent baits MUST be used in secure bait stations. Placing baits out without tamper-resistant stations not only is potentially dangerous to humans and non-target animals, but it also will cause bait to spoil quickly and be far less attractive to rodents.

*Use an included key to open the EZ Klean Stations. Simply slide the key vertically down into the opening in the center on the curved top edge of the station, then turn gently to the right to unlock the station. (Follow the arrows next to the keyhole.) After turning, lift the key and the lid will open.

*For most applications, the shorter vertical rods are appropriate. The rods will fit snugly into the two notches in the bottom of the station.

*Horizontal rods are longer and will rest in the notches on the walls inside the station. Horizontal rods keep the bait higher off the ground, helpful in areas where flooding is a concern.

*Do NOT handle baits with bare hands; wear gloves or use dedicated tools for safe handling.

*TakeDown II Soft Bait can be secured on either vertical or horizontal rods. Baits are NOT secure if applied without using the included rods.

*After filling stations, close the lid until you feel and hear the locking mechanism pop into place. Test each station to be sure the lid is secure; locked stations will not open without an EZ Klean key.

*Stations should be placed adjacent to the structure so that the long, straight edge of the station is parallel with exterior walls. The round openings for the stations should be placed so that rodents following their natural path will enter the station from either side.

*Place stations near each corner of the structure and near entrances such as a front door, rear door, or garage door.

*For larger structures with multiple entrances, more stations can be used.

*Stations may be placed along fences, retaining walls, or similar pathways within 50 feet of a structure.

*For extra security, use garden stakes or screws to punch through pre-set holes in the bottom of each station. EZ Klean Stations fit on a standard 8” x 16” x 2” patio block; attach stations with epoxy or screws.

*Use the included service labels on the exterior of stations to keep track of bait placements and activity.

*If rodent activity has already been observed before baiting, check placements after a few days so that fresh bait is continuously available.

*Check stations every 1-2 weeks for activity, replenishing bait as needed. Placements may be adjusted if there is more activity in some areas than others.

*Replenish bait as long as it is being consumed. Do not underestimate the potential rodent population!

*Use a paintbrush to sweep out lawn debris, droppings, or fur from the inside of bait stations.

*In many situations, you will not observe many, if any, dead rodents. TakeDown II Soft Bait usually will kill rodents in 1-4 days, although rodents may return to their burrows once they feel the effects of bait.

*Replace old bait every 30 to 60 days. Bait and/or dead rodents should be placed in sealed garbage bags in secure waste receptacles.

*Always store bait in its original container securely out of reach of pets, children, and non-target animals. If larger animals may have access to the storage area, consider placing the bag inside a larger metal container with a lid for extra security.

*Bait is best used within 1 year of opening and within 2 years of purchase. Store out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent spoiling.

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