Safer Ringer 0% Phosphate Lawn Restore


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Safer Ringer 0% Phosphate Lawn Restore bag (25 lb)
This product is discontinued. It has been replaced with the new and improved Safer Ringer Lawn Restore II.
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Safer Ringer 0% Phosphate Lawn Restore

Ringer 0% Phosphate Lawn Restore is an organic fertilizer that will give your lawn a lush, thick, green look without the concerns associated with synthetic chemical fertilizers. This completely organic fertilizer is so easy to use! The 25-lb. bag covers up to 2,500 sq.feet and lasts up to eight weeks. Ringer Lawn Restore is effective on both new and established lawns and helps to establish and maintain strong root systems. It contains a unique formulation that contains equal proportions of nutrients to uniformly feed your lawn. Ringer Lawn Restore's slow-release formula steadily releases nitrogen into the soil, which feeds your lawn. This helps to avoid flushes of growth, which can be detrimental to your grass. It goes to work quickly to green up your lawn. You will begin to notice results within 3-5 days.

Normal Lawns:

Apply in Spring, Summer, and Fall at a rate of 10 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq. foot with a drop or rotary spreader (bag covers 2,500 sq. ft). Water immediately after application to activate product. Keep lawn moist, but not saturated for the next 3-4 days. For continued maintenance, water once or twice weekly to provide 1" of moisture (including rainfall). A typical sprinkler takes 3-4 hours to provide 1" of moisture.


Lawns with Excess Thatch or Problem Lawns:

  1. Fertilization- a fertilizer that provides slow release nitrogen should be applied 2-4 times per season following recommended application rates.
  2. Watering- Lawns should receive approximately one inch of water a week (including rainfall).
  3. Mowing- Adopt the 1/3 rule, not more then 1/3 of the leaf should be removed in any one mowing. During times of stress (summer), keep grass longer then in spring and fall.
  4. Aerating- Core aerating in Spring or Fall. Core aerating allows air into the soil and breaks apart compacted soil.


New Sod or Seed:

Ringer Lawn Restore is ideal in helping establish new root systems. Unlike some fertilizers, it won't burn tender, developing roots. Simply apply at a rate of 10 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq ft. For new sod, work into topsoil before laying sod. For new seed, work into topsoil prior to seeding. Water to keep surface moist, but not saturated, until sod/seedlings are established.

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