Segway Fungicide

Segway Fungicide

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Product Overview

Segway Fungicide should be a part of your regular IPM rotation to control disease pathogens such as pythium, downy mildew, and phytophthora. Segway Fungicide has a unique mode of action using the active ingredient cyazofamid which disrupts all stages of fungal growth. Segway Fungicide can be used to control diseases even if symptoms have already manifested, providing both preventitive and curative control.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Cyazofamid 34.5%
Target pests Pythium, Pythium blight, Pythium root dysfunction, Pythium damping-off, Phytophthora and Downy mildew diseases
For use in Turf areas associated with golf courses (greens, tees and fairways), sod farms, seed farms, college and professional sports fields, residential and commercial lawns. Ornamental plants in landscapes and those grown in commercial greenhouses and nurseries.
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Shipping Weight 3.13 lbs
Manufacturer FMC
EPA Registration 71512-13-279


In university trials, Segway fungicide, applied at 0.9 fl oz/1,0002 ft, outperformed a variety of industry-standard pythium blight treatments. Segway delivered better than 80% control, compared to an average of only 66% control for other treatments. When applied at the same rate, Segway also provided excellent preventative control of pythium root dysfunction.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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