Semera 51% WDG Herbicide

Semera 51% WDG Herbicide
Semera 51% WDG Herbicide
Semera 51% WDG Herbicide
Semera 51% WDG Herbicide

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Product Overview

Semera 51% WDG is a fast acting pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of selective broadleaf weeds and grasses in  warmer season turf grasses that are dormant in areas such as golf courses, sod production farms, and areas similar. The herbicide does not volitive and move off target which makes it effective in helping to maintain bare ground non-crop areas. Semera is also used to control selective emergent, floating, and submersed aquatic weeds in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water. To be the most effective, application to bodies of water should take place when weeds are young and actively growing and the pH of the water is less than 8.5. Semera 51% is a water disposable granule that is a great tank mix partner and application options are flexible. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Flumioxazin - 51%
For use in Field grown and container grown conifers and deciduous trees, quiescent and slow moving bodies of water, non- crop areas, established ornamentals and landscapes, and turf grass grown on residential sites.
Application Broadcast Application: Apply Semera 51% and tank mixes with ground equipment using commercial sprayers that are designed to deliver the desired spray volume and pressure.

Band Application: Use proportionately less water and herbicide per acre.

Handgun Application: Use a spray volume of at least 40 gallons per acre to provide a uniform coverage.

Backpack Application: Follow all restrictions listed on label and set sprayers to deliver 1 gallon of solution for every 500-1000 sq.ft.

For aerial application please refer to the product label.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Water dispersible granule.
CT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 5.55 lbs
Manufacturer Atticus LLC (Mfg. Number: 520066)
EPA Registration 91234-129


For Terrestrial Uses

Pre-emergence Application: Weed control is the most effective when it is applied to weed-free and clean soil surfaces before weed emergence. It is necessary to apply Semera in a moist environment, if it is too dry the effectiveness of the herbicide may be reduced. If the proper amount of moisture is not received post application, weed control can still be maintained by shallow cultivating 

Post-emergence Application: Weed control is the most effective when Semera is combined with a surfactant to weeds that are less than 2 inches high. Apply only to actively growing weeds in sunny weather and temperatures are greater than 65 degrees. Semera is rainfast one hour after application, so do not apply if rainfall is expected within one hour after. 

For Aquatic Uses

Post-Emergence Application: Apply product at a rate that will produce an initial concentration of 200-400 ppb in the water column.  The product is rapidly absorbed by target plants, but also breaks down quickly in water with a pH greater than 8.5.  The pH of water surrounding mats of submersed vegetation can exceed 8.5 by early to mid day, due to photosynthetic processes.  Application of this product under these conditions may provide only partial weed control and regrowth is likely. For best control, apply this product in a minimum of 30 gallons of water per acre in the early morning to actively growing weeds and early in the season before surface matting occurs.  Complete coverage and sufficient contact time of submersed weeds with this product is required for optimal performance.  Application of this product with subsurface training hoses designed to distribute the herbicide within the plant stand will provide more effective and longer-term control of submersed weeds.  See Table 5-Subsurface Application Rates on the product label to determine the amount of this product needed to achieve desired concentration at different water depths.  Use higher concentrations when weed biomass is heavy and/or weeds are more mature and topped out.  Any untreated plants that are left in the water column can re-infest treated areas that had previously been controlled.  If a second application is required to provide control, it is recommended that treatment be made once the return of those weeds is first observed, but no sooner than 28 days after the last treatment.  When applying this product to densely packed actively growing submersed weeds, a rapid decomposition of vegetation resulting from herbicide treatment can result in loss of oxygen in water. A sudden decrease in dissolved oxygen can result in fish suffocation.  If aquatic vegetation is dense, treat submersed weeds in sections to avoid a rapid decrease in dissolved oxygen.  This product may be tank mixed with other registered submersed applied herbicides for enhanced control of submersed and floating weeds. 

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Can I mix Semera the same as I did Surequard or do I need to recalibrate sprayers?

Semera 51% WDG Herbicide and SureGuard SC Herbicide have different percentages of active ingredient so use different rates.  You would mix only as directed on each product label.

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