Spike 20P Herbicide

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Spike 20P Herbicide

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1 Review | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Spike 20P Herbicide is a long-lasting and highly effective herbicide that controls multiple tough brush species. It provides a premium woody plant control on fencerows, pipelines, rangeland, highways, and other non-cropland areas. Works from the roots, making it ideal to use for brush sculpting and sagebrush thinning programs. This long-term herbicide can control tarbush, oaks, maple, and big sage, plus it helps in improving wildlife habitat and grazing. Better applied on soil that is not soaked with moisture or frozen through aerial or ground broadcast application. It kills brush over time so visible effects may take up to a year or so. 


Available Sizes:

  • Spike 20P Herbicide - 5 lb
  • Spike 20P Herbicide - 25 lb

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Tebuthiuron - 20 %
Target pests Burroweed, snakeweed, sagebrush, Whitehorn, tarbush, oak, willow, sugar maple, bigleaf maple, hickory, pine, spruce, blackberry, blueberry, coyote brush, and other brush species.
For use in Along highways, fencerows, firebreaks, industrial sites, wildlife habitat, right if way, pipelines, rangeland, railroads, and other non-cropland areas.
Application Aerial and ground broadcast.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Pelleted formulation.
Special Features Controls tough brush species, works from roots, and helps in enhancing grass production.
Shipping Weight 5.33 lbs
Manufacturer Dow AgroSciences
UPC 662974048879
EPA Registration 62719-121



It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Read all Directions for Use carefully before applying.

Safe use of Spike 20P requires the following guidelines to be carefully followed:

Treatment Setback:  Do not apply Spike 20P in the vicinity of desirable plants. Exposure of even a small part of a plant root system to Spike 20P may cause severe plant injury or death. 

Note: Plant roots usually occupy an area much larger than the aerial portion of the plant. Treatment setback distance should be 1 to 2 times the height or width of adjacent non-target vegetation, whichever is greater. For example, if adjacent non-target vegetation is 25 feet tall, the treatment setback should be 25 to 50 feet.

If there is a question about appropriate setback distance, contact an Arboriculturist (tree expert) to determine if the proposed treatment area is free of roots of desirable vegetation.

Potential Product Movement: Spike 20P or soil containing Spike 20P may be moved from treated areas by flowing water, wind, or mechanical means. Do not apply Spike in areas where the overland flow of water might move Spike 20P or soil containing Spike 20P from the treated area. Do not apply where wind erosion may cause movement of soil containing Spike 20P from the treated area unless the surface has been stabilized with a gravel mulch or some other means. Do not apply in areas where soil may be redistributed by mechanical means to non-treated areas. 

Cleaning of Equipment: Thoroughly clean all traces of Spike 20P from application treatment after use. Do not empty residues cleaned from application equipment on areas where contact with roots of desirable vegetation may occur.

Remedial Action After Accidental Application or Spill: Take action to minimize the effects of an accidental application or spill immediately. Once rainfall has moved Spike 20P into the plant root zone, the effect on woody plants is irreversible.  Damage from accidental application or spill may be prevented only if containing Spike 20P is carefully removed before rainfall has moved Spike 20P into the root zone. Apply a waterproof covering to the affected area until cleanup is accomplished. Carefully collect Spike 20P pellets and/or soil containing Spike 20P with appropriate equipment and dispose at an approved landfill site. If rainfall has occurred, remove surface oil in the affected area to the depth of Spike 20P penetration.  

Frequency of Application and Maximum Use Rates: 

Broadcast Applications (Aerial or Ground Equipment):

  • The maximum use rate and frequency of application is 1 to 2 lb a.i./acre once every three years for vulnerable sites where soils are sandy and depth to water table is shallow. (Refer to Environmental Hazards section under "Use Restrictions for Ground Water Protection".)
  • For all other areas, the maximum use rate and frequency of application is up to 4 lb a.i./acre once every three years and no more than two treatments totaling 6 lb a.i/acre in any 6 year period.

Spot Treatments (Hand Application or Hand-held Equipment): May be applied at rates up to 6 lb a.i./acre when needed. 

Application of Spike 20P

Individual Plant Treatments

Individual plants, multistem clumps, or small stands of woody vegetation may be hand treated. For individual plant treatments apply Spike 20P evenly over the area occupied by the target plant(s).

Pasture and Rangeland

  • In areas receiving 20 inches or less average annual rainfall: Apply Spike 20P at a rate of 3/8 oz per 100 sq ft (equivalent broadcast rate = 10 lb/acre).
  • In areas receiving more than 20 inches average annual rainfall: Apply SPile 20P at a rate of 3/4 oz per 100 sq ft (equivalent broadcast rate = 20 lb/acre).


  • Apply Spike 20 P at a rate of 3/8 oz to 100 sq ft (equivalent broadcast rate = 10 to 30 lb/acre).

Broadcast Treatments

Spike 20P must be applied with a ground or aerial application equipment capable of accurate calibration and able to provide a uniform distribution of pellets on the soil surface. Use of equipment not capable of confining the spread of pellets to the target area may result in injury or death of vegetation outside the intended treatment area. Contact a Dow AgroSciences sales representative for recommendations on application equipment for different use situations. 

Spike 20P may be applied by ground or air broadcast by/or under the supervision of U.S. Government Agencies. 

Broadcast Application rates

Pasture and Rangeland: Do not apply more than 10 pounds per acre SPike 20P in areas receiving 20 inches or less average annual rainfall. Do not apply more than 20 pounds per acre in areas receiving 20 inches or more average annual rainfall.

Non-Cropland: Do not apply more than 20 pounds per acre of Spike 20P on non-cropland.

Woody Plants Controlled by SPike 20P

Rangeland, Pastureland, and Non-Cropland:

Apply Spike 20P at 3.75 to 5lb per acre on the following woody plant species: 

Note: On rangeland and pastureland, apply 3.75 to 5 lb/acre of Spike 20P where a higher degree control is required (See "factors in Herbicidal Response" in "General Information" section of this label). Spike 20P may be applied at rates as low as 2.5 lb per acre on sites with shallow, rocky, and coarse-textured soils having low organic matter content, or where partial control is desired.

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    Spike purchase review

    By Robert on 06/30/2023

    I received the Spike quickly. I have not yet been able to use it. I will review the performance of the Spike after I get to use it.

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Questions & Answers

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Does Spike 20P Herbicide work on bamboo?

Spike 20P Herbicide is not specifically labeled for bamboo.  Bamboo is extremely stubborn, so it can take several steps to remove it completely. You can use Round Up QuickPro at the highest listed usage rate to help eliminate bamboo. You will be required to cut the bamboo down to a short stump and then apply the Round Up QuickPro. It can take several applications to achieve the desired results.

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Does Spike 20P Herbicide work on huisache?

Yes, Spike 20P Herbicide is labeled for huisache: Use a higher dosage in indicated rate range on all sites.

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Spike 20P Herbicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 2 Q&A)

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