Koppert Pherodis Duponchelia Fovealis - European Pepper Moth (8080)

Koppert Pherodis Duponchelia Fovealis - European Pepper Moth (8080)

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Product Overview

Koppert Pherodis Duponchelia Fovealis - European Pepper Moth (8080) is a very sensitive species-specific trap that has the pheromones of Duponchelia fovealis or commonly known as European pepper moth. It is made to detect moths. This is best utilized inside or outside greenhouses. Once purchased, product comes with 4 pheromone lures per pack. This product is to be used with the Deltatrap.

Features and Specs

Target pests Moths/butterflies
For use in Inside greenhouses or outdoors.
Application To be used with the Deltatrap: pack containing trap(s), adhesive plates, and suspension hooks.
Parts Included Pack of 4 pheromone dispensers with Duponchelia Fovealis pheromone
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Koppert Biological Systems (Mfg. Number: 8080)


Assemble the desired number of pheromone traps. Collect the sachets containing the pheromone dispensers from the cold store and open the sachets. Do not touch the capsules, since hand contact for example can spread the pheromone to other areas in the glasshouse. Lay the capsule on the adhesive plate of the Deltatrap and hang the trap in a suitable position. Hang the traps about 10 centimeters above the plants in a location where they can be inspected regularly (for example along the concrete aisle). Distribute the traps as evenly as possible over the surface area in order to avoid mutual interference.


Never open the “plastic tube” type of pheromone capsules since otherwise the pheromone will be spent within a few days. The plastic tube is permeable, and the pheromone will gradually diffuse through the wall.

Storage and treatment
Pheromone capsules (and the sachets containing them should preferably be kept in a freezer (-18°C), and in any case at temperatures below 4°C. 
The production date is printed on the packs. The capsules have a shelf life of 2 years after the production date when stored in a freezer, and 1 year when stored in a refrigerator (4-6°C).

Assign each Deltatrap a serial number. Note the trap’s serial number and the type of pheromone it contains on the outside.
Wash your hands between assembling pheromone traps for different species of butterflies and moths.
During the first few days following the installation of a new pheromone capsule, more moths or butterflies may be caught than usual. This is due to the temporarily greater release of the pheromone from the new capsule.
Pheromone capsules remain effective for 6 weeks after being hung up in the trap/Deltatrap. Replace the capsule after 6 weeks, only with capsules containing the same kind of pheromone.
Mode of action
The capsules release the scent of a species-specific sex pheromone. This scent lures adult males of the species of pest concerned into the trap. There they become stuck to the adhesive plate, making them easy to detect, count and identify.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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How long are the Pherodis good as an attractant once they are placed in a Delta trap?
The Koppert Pherodis Duponchelia Fovealis - European Pepper Moth (8080) pheromone capsules are good for 6 weeks once placed inside the Deltatrap.

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