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SquareOne Herbicide

SquareOne Herbicide is for selective post-emergence weed control in turf including institutional, commercial and residential lawns, athletic fields, golf course fairways, commercial sod farms and other non crop areas. SquareOne Herbicide helps newly seeded turf get off to a quick start by eliminating weeds. It works in both cool and warm season turf during overseeding, interseeding and renovation to control many small broadleaf and crabgrass weeds. SquareOne Herbicide is easy to use and will kill weeds when applied right before or shortly after emergence.

SquareOne Herbicide is formulated as a 70 WDG (Water Dispersible Granule) that contains 0.70 lbs of active ingredient per pound of product. A post emergent application is improved when adequate soil moisture is present at application. Best weed control results will occur when the area remains dry for 24 hours after application. If no rain or irrigation occurs within 7 days in the amount of 0.5 inches, then irrigation of 0.5 inches or more is recommended.

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05/03/2014 Jim from Hurley, Sd

QIf I mix Square One in a small tank sprayer, how much concentrate per gallon of water?
Will be using on bluegrass and Buffalograss.

AYou would want to use just below .184 oz SquareOne Herbicide Per gallon water to treat 1000 sq. feet.

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06/21/2015 Sally from Gothenburg Ne

QWhat is the shelf life of SquareOne once mixed?

AOnce you have mixed up SquareOne Herbicide or any other chemical, you need to use that mixed solution within 24-48 hours. Beyond that point the chemical can start to break down and not be as effective, as well as eat away at the parts of your sprayer.

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05/05/2014 Jim from Hurleyt, Sd

QHow much Square One herbicide to you mix per gallon of water for spot applications?

AThe amount SquareOne Herbicide  per gallon of water depends on what type of turf you are applying to. Please see page 4 of the product label for the application chart.

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11/19/2017 Gene from Raleigh, Nc

QSince SquareOne Herbicide has been discontinued, what would be an alternate herbicide that kills weeds just as well?


Unfortunately, there is not another product with exactly the same combination of active ingredients as SquareOne Herbicide. Solitare is a combination product that contains the same grassy weed herbicide, quinclorac, plus sulfentrazone, which targets sedges and broadleaf weeds. If you have certain warm-season grasses, Blindside may be a better option for you. If you would like to provide more information about what weeds you are targeting, what type of grass you have, and how much area you are treating, then we can make a more specific recommendation for you.

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