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    First Application

    By Rebecca on 03/19/2021

    The process was pretty simple. The bags arrived in the mail and I spread it with a push spreader. I use a scott's pro spreader with edge guard and there is absolutely no guidance as to the setting to use. This is pretty frustrating because it is a very common spreader sold at Home Depot. The instructions on the bag state to use the guide on the spreader, but for Scott's spreaders they only list their products which would be an easy comparison if you knew the relative granule size, which I do not. I had a partial bag of scott's turf builder and so used that setting. Well it was wrong and had I continued to use it the bags sent would have only covered about half of my yard. So it was trial and error until I found what I think is an appropriate setting. The 1 star is because the weeds didn't die, they are thriving and I'm having to walk around and pull them up so it was a waste of money. But I'm going to continue to use the turf subscription and give it a chance. I started a month behind and that could be the reason the herbicide wasn't effective. So far, very disappointed with this producr

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    Anderson’s .48 Barricade, didn’t work at all

    By Chetan on 03/07/2024

    Terrible, didn’t work at all. Applied in January and weeds just kept popping up. Now I have to spray post emergent.

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    By T on 05/20/2022

    I researched which type of pre emergent was best and this is what I found. Sadly, this product did nothing for dandelions, clover or weeds. I'm back to overpaying the chemical company to spray

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We apologize you did not achieve the intended results. We would welcome the opportunity to troubleshoot the application to help get you the results you need. Please contact us at your earliest convenience!

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