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    Fall Application

    By John on 11/22/2019

    First time use. Applied late October for winter weed control in Central FL. Effectiveness will be determined in time. Product went down as planned with my spreader using 1/2 rate twice over. Although I am satisfied with this granular product, I will switch to a spray pre-emergent in the spring, which is less expensive per application. I would recommend this granular product for those who don't use a sprayer.

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    Awesome product

    By Lloyd on 10/17/2021

    Verified Purchase

    Started using this product last fall since I was sick & tired on annual Poa Bluegrass. To my surprise I had none this year....I am placing an order for another 50 lbs. bag.....

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    Andersons 0.48 Barricade Herbicide - 18 Ib

    By Donnie on 05/08/2020

    This product works well with the two applications . My only issue was trying to use a drop spreader. I could not get it to drop at the calibration level. I called about it, and was told the manufacturer recommends using broadcast type spreader and not a drop spreader. It came out too fast and then too slow, so I had to run over it more than I like! I am going to purchase a broadcast spreader and use the drop spreader for seed!

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    Review barricade herbicice

    By William on 10/09/2021

    Thx it is what I ordered haven't used it yet. New grass will wait to but down barrier. thx again

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    I tried the barricade for my lawn

    By Jose on 03/29/2024

    I cannot really tell if this has helped the lawn with the weeds. I applied before march 20 but the weather has been unusually warm which is why applied before that date. The march 20 comes from the instructions in the bag. It has been two weeks and I don't see dead weeds. It's the first time I have used this in my lawn so I do not know if the results show after months and not weeks.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We apologize you did not achieve the intended results. The Andersons Barricade does not kill anything actively growing, it is applied before weeds germinate to prevent them from emerging so you will not see any dead weeds after use. You should see less weeds emerging if applied in time to prevent. The general rule for spring is to apply your spring pre-emergent herbicide treatment after the ground has thawed from the winter but before the temperature of your soil reaches 55 degrees, as that is when crabgrass begins to germinate. Other weeds will germinate when the soil temperature is between 55 and 65 degrees. You can use a soil thermometer to determine the temperature of your lawn/area. You will want to measure the temperature of the soil a few inches below ground.

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